What is a gym rat meaning?

noun. someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa. see more. type of: addict, freak, junkie, junky, nut. someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction.

Is gym rat an insult?

Just curious if calling someone a ‘gym rat’ is insulting or a compliment. … I think it really depends, yeah it has some negative connotations to it but it really just means guys who spend like 5 hours at a time in the gym.

Is being a gym rat bad?

I compete in powerlifting and spend a lot of time at the gym etc etc. … I’m assuming a gym rat is someone who spends all their spare time at the gym, preparing for the gym, cooking for the gym, talking about the gym and wearing gym gear but don’t compete or make money out of it. In a way, yes it’s very bad.

Where does the term gym rat come from?

Gym-rat is an expression from the ’70s: [1970s+] (US, also gym bunny) a sports enthusiast; usu. one who frequents gyms and training grounds; often used of young gay men obsessed with body building.

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How do you catch a gym rat?

The Gym Rat badge is awarded to any player who reaches Superstar 3 Rep, but there’s an easier way to get it than playing thousands of park games. The easier way to get it is to play a full season of MyCareer (at least 55 regular season games) and win a championship.

What do you call a gym addict?

Gym rat and keep-fit-fanatic are in the dictionary; gym junkie/goer/nerd/enthusiast/aholic and megarexia, muscle head, and fitness freak all seem to be expressions which have been around for some time.

What is a gym bunny?

informal a person who spends a lot of time exercising at a gymnasium.

Are you a gym rat?

The gym rat is arguably the greatest rat of all. She’s goal-oriented, strong, fast as a bullet, and knows the best order and time of day for working a room full of complicated machinery, pumping serious iron, and zapping calories. … You know the gym staff’s schedule. They know your middle name, job, and birth date.

What is the meaning of fitness freak?

A person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique. Noun. ▲ A person who is significantly conscious of their health. health freak.

How do you know if you get the gym rat badge 2K21?

In order to get the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K21 MyCareer, you simply need to play 40 games, win the playoffs, and then win the final.

Does gym rat apply to all builds?

Gym rat earned in mycareer must be earned for each individual build. The one you get for hitting ss3 is for all builds and any that you end up making. No it doesn’t.

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Can you sim games and still get gym rat?

Hey everyone, I just grinded myCareer to see how to get the gym rat badge. I played until the ASG and then simmed the rest of the season(not required). What is important, is that you play all the playoff games(don’t sim). … You CAN foul out of the games and it’ll still count for you.

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