Best answer: What does fairy Gym eat for breakfast?

Quiz Question Answer
Do you know about Fairy-type weakness? Poison-type
What was the previous trainer’s name? Annette
What do I eat for breakfast every morning? Omelets
Do you know my nickname? The Wizard

What do I eat for breakfast every morning curry or omelette?

Q) What do I eat for breakfast every morning? A) There’s a 50/50 chance of answering correctly the first time you’re asked; you can either say curry or omelets. The correct answer is omelets (unsure how players were supposed to know beforehand.

What does the third trainer eat for breakfast?

Trainer 3 Question – What do I eat for breakfast in the morning? Answer – Omelets and I am not sure how you were supposed to know that one. The gym leader will have three questions for you as well during the fight.

What are the answers for the fairy gym?

Fairy Gym Questions & Answers

  • “Do you know about Fairy type’s Weaknesses”? Poison or Steel (both answers are correct)
  • “What was the previous trainer’s name?” Annette.
  • “What do I eat for breakfast every morning?” Omelettes.
  • “Do you know my nickname?” The Wizard.
  • “What is my favorite color?” …
  • “How old am I?”
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What happens if you get all the questions right in the fairy gym?

During the Fairy Gym mission in Ballonlea, you’ll be asked questions as you battle. If you get a questions wrong, you’ll get hit with a stat penalty. The more questions you get wrong, the worse the penalty becomes.

How do I get Gigantamax?

Pokémon with the Gigantamax factor are incredibly rare and can only be found in five-star Max Raids, which occur in the Wild Area. Five-star Max Raids will only start appearing once you earn the Dragon Badge, the eighth and last gym badge in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

What does Opal eat every morning?

This is our guide on answering all the Fairy Gym quiz questions correctly in Pokemon Sword and Shield, for Opal in the Ballonlea Gym.

All Ballonlea Gym Quiz Answers in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Quiz Question Answer
What do I eat for breakfast every morning? Omelets
Do you know my nickname? The Wizard

How do you beat the fairy gym?

Mawile’s fairy-type weaknesses are completely negated by its steel-typing, so just blast it with fire- and ground-type moves to get by. This gym is also fairly clearable just by using your starter Pokémon, if you’re leveled high enough.

Can you become a fairy gym leader?

The Gym specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon. During the Gym Challenge, Gym Challengers battle the Gym Leader Opal to earn the Fairy Badge. After the player has earned all eight Badges, Bede, who was chosen by Opal to be her successor, takes her place as the Ballonlea Gym Leader.

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What is gym leader Opals favorite color?

Trivia. Though she judges Trainers by the amount of pink they have, her favorite color is purple. Her outfit somewhat resembles Hatterene. Opal is the oldest Gym Leader in the series, being 88 years old.

What is fairy type weakness?

Fairy-type Pokémon are strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokémon, but are weak to Poison and Steel types.

What is Opal nickname?

Here, there’s only one correct answer and if you’re wondering what is Opal’s nickname in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the answer is The wizard.

What is the first trainer’s name in fairy gym?

Gym Trainer Annette sends out Spritzee as her first Pokemon and Slurpuff as her second. Steel and Poison moves work best!

How old is the fairy type gym leader?

Opal became the Ballonlea Gym Leader at the age of 18, inheriting the position from her mother, and she has held it for 70 years.

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