Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the best bodybuilder of all time?

So IMO Arnold is the greatest bodybuilder of all time because he had the most definition, huge mass and a tiny waist. … Also the Austrian Oak had better proportions. For example, Arnold had the greatest arms in bodybuilding history. Lee didn’t. And having huge arms will make you look more aesthetic.

Who is the greatest bodybuilder of all time?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Even if you know nothing about bodybuilding, you’ll probably know who he is. The bodybuilder champion from Austria earned records in the world of fitness, becoming the youngest person to win the Mr. Universe at 20.

Who is the greatest Mr Olympia of all time?

Who Was The Greatest Mr. Olympia Of All Time?

Winners Usually Large Size (comparable) Mr. Olympia’s Won
Arnold Schwarzenegger 260 lbs. 7
Chris Dickerson 190 lbs. 1
Dorian Yates 260 lbs. 6
Franco Columbu 185 lbs. 2

Who has the best physique ever?

These Are The 10 Best Physiques In The World

  1. Steve Cook. stevecook. stevecook Verified. …
  2. Flex Lewis. flex_lewis. flex_lewis Verified. …
  3. Michelle Lewin. michelle_lewin. North Miami Beach, Florida. …
  4. Phil Heath. philheath. philheath Verified. …
  5. Courtney King. courtneykiing. The Kunja Villas & Spa. …
  6. Rob Riches. robrichesfitness. …
  7. Calum Von Moger. calumvonmoger. …
  8. Paige Hathaway. paigehathaway.
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Why was Arnold the best bodybuilder?

Arnold embodied the core of body building that you can be something other then what you were born with by working hard and he worked incredibly hard. … His stats in bodybuilding are comparable to that of any other sport, he was the greatest of his generation and better than those that came before him.

Who is the richest bodybuilder?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the richest bodybuilder in the world, with a net worth of $300 million.

Why didn’t Arnold attend Franco’s funeral?

His brother died in a car accident on 20 May 1971. The following year, his father also died due to a stroke. Arnold did not attend either of the funerals. In an interview to Fortune in 2004 he stated child abuse at the hands of his father as the reason for not attending the funeral.

Who defeated Arnold?

A retired Chicago police officer who was the only bodybuilder to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Mr. Olympia competition has died. Sergio Oliva, 71, a longtime Rogers Park District officer, was found unresponsive by a family member Monday and pronounced dead at St.

Who has more Mr Olympia titles?

Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman hold the most number of Mr Olympia title wins- 8 Mr Olympia titles each. Lee Haney was the first to achieve this incredible feat winning the Mr Olympia title from 1984-1991. In the year 2005 Ronnie Coleman joined him on the top spot winning the Mr Olympia title from 1998-2005.

Has Kai Greene won Mr Olympia?

He came in second place at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 editions of the IFBB’s Mr. Olympia competition before seemingly retiring, and is often regarded as one of the best bodybuilders to have never won the competition.

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Kai Greene
Best win Arnold Classic 2009–2010, 2016

Who has the best body in the world male?

The 18 Best Celebrity Bodies of 2016

  • Ben Watts. 1/18. Cristiano Ronaldo. We didn’t put him on the cover of our Body Issue for nothing. When scientists invent a superhuman, they’ll model it after the world’s most famous footballer.
  • Getty Images. 2/18. Michael Phelps. Even with those weird suction-cup welts, Phelps has the body of a god.

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Who is the most aesthetic person in the world?

Perfect 20: Presents The Top 20 Most Aesthetic Physiques Of All Time

  • 8 Berry Demey. …
  • 7 Milos Sarcev. …
  • 6 Charles Clairmonte. …
  • 5 Flex Wheeler. …
  • 4 Lee Labrada. Birth Date: March 8, 1960. …
  • 3 Frank Zane. Birth Date: June 28, 1942. …
  • 2 Steve Reeves. Birth Date: January 21, 1926. …
  • 1 Bob Paris. Birth Date: December 14, 1959.

Who has the best natural physique?

Ron Williams is the most decorated natural bodybuilder in history. Although now retired from competition, Ron has won more than 250 natural bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. Natural World, Mr. Natural Olympia, and Mr.

Why is Arnold a legend?


Does Mr Olympia use steroids?

Olympia use steroids. “Everybody is going to do what they do,” Heath said, the only time over many hours that he was curt and declined to elaborate. “But we get tested.” Mr.

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Who is the God of bodybuilding?

Arnold Schwarzenegger- God Of Bodybuilding.

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