Is pure gym a PLC?

PureGym logo launched in 2015
Type Private company
Headquarters Leeds, England, UK
Number of locations 294 gyms (2020)
Area served United Kingdom

Is PureGym a PLC?

Pure Gym Group PLC owns and operates a chain of gyms. The Company provides services in the areas of strength training, diet and nutrition, medical information, and other exercises. Pure Gym Group serves customers in the United Kingdom.

Is PureGym part of the gym group?

Pure Gym is owned by CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC. … Since the merger was first announced in February 2014, Pure Gym and The Gym Group have operated separately.

Is PureGym listed?

The private equity-owned company did not say how many shares it intended to sell, or their expected price, but the initial public offering is expected to take place in October. Humphrey Cobbold, chief executive, said: “Pure Gym is ready to become a listed company.

Which gyms are part of Gympass?

Gympass is a corporate wellness platform that offers you access to a network of over 2,000 fitness facilities, gyms and studios across the UK and Ireland, including DW Fitness First, Everyone Active and Bannatyne Health Club.

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Why is PureGym so successful?

The three big reasons for PureGym’s success according to Peter are price (£15-£20 a month), lack of contract (so you can cancel at any time and won’t lose out) and the fact most branches are open 24/7 – a trio of factors that has allowed PureGym to stand out as an agile consumer champion in a lumbering contract-led …

Who is the owner of PureGym?

On 30 November 2017, PureGym was acquired by Leonard Green & Partners who are highly supportive shareholders. The group has £430 million Senior Secured Notes in issue, due 15 February 2025. On 14 January 2020, PureGym successfully completed the acquisition of Fitness World.

Do gyms close in Tier 3?

Gyms in Tier 3 regions can stay open but with notable restrictions. Individuals can visit gyms to exercise, but organised indoor sport – including indoor exercise and dance classes – is not permitted to go ahead.

Is pure gym staffed overnight?

Pure Gym estimate that 24 per cent of their of members train between 10pm – 6am. Meanwhile, The Gym, another company with branches across the UK, are also open 24 hours a day to members.

How much does a PT cost?

As a benchmark, a session costs between £30-£65 and is 45 minutes to one hour long. Prices in London are usually higher, costing £40-65 per session. This cost of a personal training session is separate to your membership – you pay the PT directly. Speak to a PT directly about how much they charge.

What hours are off peak at PureGym?

Off-peak gym hours are normally weekdays 9am – 5pm, and from the afternoon onwards at weekends.

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How many pure gyms can I use?

Can I access more than one club? Yes. For a small supplement to your standard membership you’ll be able to gain access to any gym of the same price or lower than your home gym. If you’d like to add this option just select the box for multiple gym access in the joining process and select the other gym you’d like to use.

Who do gyms target?

The Target Market: According to the market segmentation ladies are the target audience. Ladies from 25 to 40 are mainly target market of Zone fitness. Working class ladies are more heath conscious and enjoy their exercise in health and fitness centre as they get relax in the environment.

What companies use Gympass?

Already spanning 5,000 cities in 13 countries, Gympass has helped millions of employees find over 700 fitness and wellness activities at over 30,000 facilities. Corporate partners overseas include: P&G, Metlife, PayPal, Accenture, and Deloitte, with many looking to extend to the U.S.

How much is Gympass per month?

Blue365 Member Pricing

Tier Price per Month Apps Available
Basic $ 29.99 30+
Bronze $ 59.99 30+
Silver $ 89.99 40+
Gold $169.99 40+

Is Gympass any good?

I love Gympass

Amazing app! Great to try different classes and gyms, also very easy to use. I love the flexibility and the online Personal Trainers.

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