Hey Athletes…… This is the updated list for the Throwdown


Team 1 Richard Howlett Kristy Herschel Maya Arthur

Team 2 Tim Palmer Kaci Wendy Feng

Team 3 Gilby Sara Lombardi Kerry Maynard

Team 4 Dr. Mel Kyle Sminkey Karen Venzia

Team 5 Brian Cunningham Nini Laura Vina

Team 6 Pua Alexander Lue Tanya Dennis

Team 7 Gerry Cam Caroline

Team 8 Chris Mitchell Lori Paola

Team 9 Paul Richards Gabi Ashley Rubin

Team 10 Anthony Montano Ryan Seneff Mishka 

Team 11 Matt Tegtmeyer Dan Subak Harpa

Team 12 Steve Goettle Daniel Ramos Olivia Rowe

Team 13 Mike Maloney Brian Friewald Cindy Feng

Team 14 Ries  Mike DeMichele Mora 

Team 15 Wes Black Henry Valverde Maggie Taylor

Team 16 Chris OverMeyer David Butler Adriennnnnnnnne

Team 17 Christina Gallahger Alesia Hannah

Team 18 Marty Courage Gabby Santos Emilie

Team 19 Eliot Gagne Moses Nerpal Lizeth Lugo

Team 20 Lucas Caretta Eric Marnielle

Team 21 Seth Drori Simon Campbell Katherine Cook 

Team 22 Jorge Eli Spector Kyle Eriks

Team 23 Sara Rubin, Anya, Geoff Anderson

Team 24 Alex Phelan, Gen Barlow, Matt

If your team is not listed please email me ASAP at



“Burn the ships!”





The Afterparty

We’re getting excited for our Internal Throwdown this Saturday at 9am! We can’t wait to see everyone there! After, please join us at 3pm at Precinct for an after party!

As a reminder, We are asking all volunteers/judges to show up at 209 Columbus Ave at 8am sharp.   We are asking all athletes to show up at 9am sharp at 209 Columbus Ave Boston, MA   Do not be late, this train will run on time.  Show up ready to go.  This will run from 9am to 2pm.  This will end by 2pm.

Even if you are not competing, stop by, enjoy some Ascent Protein, and watch some fitness! See you there!