Team Back Bay CrossFit Games Update: Day 3

Day 3 began with a push-pull event, the drag and drive event with the Big Bob sled. The team then moved into the couple couplet events, where a push from the athletes on Team Back Bay allowed them to take 10th place overall in the event, as they completed  16-20-24 synchro bar muscle-ups and 50 GHD sit-ups. Then, 2 rounds of: 15/10-cal. Assault Bike and 8-10-12 reps of partner deadlifts.

Team Back Bay then finished out the day with one of their strongest events in the worm rotation, taking a 4th place finish overall!

Photo by Sezza Gore

Photo by Sezza Gore

We’re excited to watch what goes down as they go into their final day at the CrossFit Games. We can’t thank all the members enough for all their support this past weekend as they cheered on and supported Team Back Bay in this incredible journey through the CrossFit Games.

Today, Team Back Bay will take on their final events starting at 11:45am this morning. Be sure to stop by St. James to join coach Bern for a viewing party, BYOS (bring your own snacks) starting at 11:45am this morning. Team Back Bay will take on their final event of the day at 4:30pm, so be sure to tune in to the CBS sports livestream.