CORRECTIVE MOVEMENT CLASS: The same principles involved in rehab of patients with injuries apply in performance enhancement and durability in athletics. When an athlete defaults to ineffective positions and movement patterns, it has a direct correlation on muscle output. The goal of this class is to improve an athletes performance by improving range of motion, stability, creating more optimal movement patterns and decrease injury risk by delaying fatigue. This class will run for 5 weeks, each week training will focus around a different movement related topic and how it relates to CrossFit.

CROSSFIT FUNDAMENTALS: Looking to strengthen your core, build strength and endurance all while mastering your basic CrossFit movements? This class is one full hour of movement with focused coaching on core, strength and functionality. Come get your sweat on!

CROSSFIT: Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. WOD’s (Workout Of the Day) are scaled and modified to each individual. Each class will provide constant instruction and offer Level 1 and 2 depending on the skill of each athlete.

INTRODUCTION TO WEIGHTLIFTING: This class is geared toward our newer members and those who have limited experience with barbell movements. The goals are (1) to help members acquire basic positional strength through the front squat, strict press, and deadlift; and (2) provide them with basic exposure to the Olympic lifts once that foundation has been acquired. Classes will be capped at 10 and will be individualized to each member’s needs.

OLYMPIC STYLE WEIGHTLIFTING: This class focuses on proper technique in all lifts including Olympic Style Lifts. Classes will include drills while building strength and power. Each class will focus on the needs and levels of each person to ensure their proper progression and safety. This class is as important to the beginner lifter as the experienced lifter and will benefit each tremendously!

GYMNASTICS / SKILL: Having trouble mastering all the gymnastics movements of CrossFit? This class will focus on the core strength needed to develop these skills, along with practicing the proper progressions.

MOBILITY: Mobility should be integrated into every CrossFitter’s weekly exercise regime. This class will consist of a heat building phase, core patterning/conditioning, soft tissue manipulation and a combination of short and long holds in both traditional and non-traditional postures. This class is a perfect supplement to your current CrossFit routine!

ENDURANCE: This class is designed for athletes who are looking to improve their performance and fitness in endurance based sports including CrossFit workouts. This class will coach athletes and provide them with guidance and nutrition advice to help them achieve their individual needs. If you are involved in endurance sports (running, triathlons etc.) or want to be, this class will be a great addition to your current CrossFit routine.

YOGA: Our new yoga class is taught by a certified yoga instructor, and is intended as active recovery that fits the needs of an athlete. During this class, participants utilize breath control as a way to improve focus and increase mental clarity. Various combinations of physical postures and dynamic movements will enhance their core strength, flexibility and overall quality of movement.

CROSSFIT FOR MOMS: Open to all fitness levels. Are you a mom or mom to be? Join other moms in this one hour fitness class.

COMPETITION TEAM: Building a high-level competition team takes dedication, experience, a high level of skill and commitment. If you are interested in joining our competition team now or in the future, contact to find out what it takes! This class requires pre-screening before participating as it is considered a high level class with certain requirements and time commitments.
Having trouble figuring out which classes are for you? No problem! Contact and she can help you devise a plan that is right for you and your success as an athlete!