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09 Nov

Throwdown WODs



Below you will find the WODs and standards for the Internal Throwdown. The Final WOD will be posted after it is announced near the end of the competition. Any questions will be addressed at the 8:15am Athletes’ Briefing.

2 attempts to establish 2RM Snatch or Clean with a progressively loaded barbell

  • Barbell will be progressively loaded on two platforms, it will never go down in weight
  • This will run exactly like a weightlifting meet
  • Athletes must give head judges their opening weight upon checking in
  • Athletes must give head judges their second weight immediately upon leaving the platform after their opening attempt
  • Upon approaching the bar, athletes have 30 seconds to complete two snatches (for RX) or two cleans (for scaled)
  • Successful reps do NOT need to be consecutive, i.e. an athlete can complete their first rep, fail the second, and complete their third to have two successful reps, as long as it is within the 30 seconds
  • As a tie-breaker, after completing their second successful rep at their final weight, athletes may perform max overhead squats (RX) or front squats (scaled) in the remaining time to be added to their score – this will help separate athletes who hit the same weight for their lifts
  • For the snatch, bar must start on the ground and must end overhead in a fully locked out position with hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows fully extended. This snatch can be performed anyhow, as long as the bar moves in one continuous motion to the overhead position. Hang snatches and variants are acceptable, as long as every rep starts with the bar on the ground.
  • For the clean, bar must start on the ground and end on the shoulders with hips and knees fully extended and with elbows clearly in front of the bar. The clean can be performed anyhow, and hang variants are acceptable as long as the bar starts from the ground every rep.
  • Reps do NOT need to be touch-and-go
  • Athletes will receive credit for all successful reps; even if they fail to complete the second snatch or clean, they will receive a score for the rep they completed. For example, hitting two successful reps at 215 would be 215.2, while only hitting one rep would be 215.1. Adding in successful overhead squats could give a score of 215.4, 215.6, etc.


AMRAP 6 minutes of:
1 Burpee
1 Russian KB Swing (RX = 70#/53#) (Scaled = 53#/35#)
2 Burpees
2 Russian KBS
3 Burpees
Continue in this pattern until time expires

  • Each athlete will be given a kettlebell of appropriate weight and a designated area to perform burpees
  • Burpees must see the athlete’s chest touch the floor, and at the top of each rep feet must be off the ground, knees must be extended, hips must be fully extended, and arms must be fully extended overhead
  • For KB swings, the kettlebell must reach a height above parallel with the ground and the hips, knees, and elbows must be fully extended
  • Pulling the kettlebell down for speed is acceptable
  • The score for this event will be total repetitions completed


Modified “Nate” AMRAP 10 of:
2 Muscle-ups
12 Pistols (alternating legs)


Half “Cindy” AMRAP 10 of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

  • RX Men will have a choice of Nate or Cindy while Scaled Men, RX Women, and Scaled Women will all be performing Cindy
  • Athletes who perform Nate will have their total repetitions multiplied by 2 for scoring purposes
  • For the muscle-up, full extension at the bottom of the rings and at the top of the dip portion are required
  • The muscle-up must be a standard movement in the CrossFit-sense, gymnastics variants such as kip-ups or gymnastics kips are not allowed
  • For HSPU, each station will be set up with a 35# plate on either side of an abmat
  • On the HSPU, kipping is allowed, but the athlete must show control at the top of each rep with only the heels in contact with the wall and arms fully locked out
  • On the pistols, legs must alternate for each rep performed. The athlete must achieve a squat depth below parallel, and the non-squatting foot may NOT come in contact with the ground until the athlete’s hips are fully opened at the top of each rep
  • For pistols, holding the non-squatting foot is acceptable
  • For pull-ups, any style is allowed as long as the arms are fully extended at the bottom of each rep and the chin clearly passes above the plane of the bar at the top of each rep
  • For push-ups, chest must touch the ground and body must rise as one solid plank – no worming or arching of any kind is allowed
  • For air squats, hips must pass below parallel and hips must fully open with knees extended on every rep
  • Scaled men will be given an optional red band for pull-ups
  • Scaled women will be given an optional blue band for pull-ups
  • Scaled women will have the option of scaling push-ups to mid-height rings; knee push-ups are NOT an acceptable scaling option
  • Score is total reps completed, with Nate reps being multiplied by 2


Floater WOD – Agility course at St. James

  • There will be an agility course set up at St. James for athletes to complete
  • This event can be done at any time the athlete wishes between 10:30am and 1:30pm
  • Athletes may practice the course, but they only have one official attempt
  • A series of boxes will be set up with two orange cones off to the left side
  • Athletes must get over the first box anyhow, jump laterally over and back on the second box, get over the third box anyhow, and jump laterally over and back on the final box
  • After finishing the last lateral jump, athletes will sprint to the far cone, sprint to a cone by the first box, and sprint back through the far cone to stop the clock
  • Score is total time required to complete the course
  • For the box jumps, step-ups are acceptable as they will just slow you down
  • Box heights are 24/20” and 30/24”, and the lateral boxes are the small, green/black stackable ones
  • There will be a separate score card for this event, so please make sure you grab it and get it to the judge
  • If this event is not completed in the 10:30am to 1:30pm window, that athlete will receive the lowest possible score


Final WOD
For the following piece, score each row and each max effort section separately.
AMRAP 5 minutes:
Row 1,000m AFAP
Max reps of squat clean and jerks (155#/105#) in remaining time

Rest exactly 1 minute, then

AMRAP 5 minutes of:
Row 1,000m AFAP
Max reps of back squats from ground (155#/105#) in remaining time

Rest exactly 1 minute, then

AMRAP 5 minutes of:
Row 1,000m AFAP
Max reps of wall balls (20#/14#) in remaining time

08 Nov
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08 Nov

Throwdown Schedule

NOTE: Athletes must report at 8:15am for a briefing and the reveal of the ACTUAL WODs (hehe haha if you thought the previous post was legit). Following the athlete briefing, athletes will be given time to stretch/warm-up before the first event.


9:00-9:30 EVENT 1 — WOMEN

9:30-10:10 EVENT 1 — MEN

10:10-10:30 Administrative break/transition to next event

10:30-1:30 “Floater” WOD at St. James
* 10:30-12:00pm Judge = Jessa Lemoine
* 12:00-1:30pm Judge
= Jeff Wurm

10:30-10:36 WOD 2 Females Heat 1
Lane/ Athlete /Judge

1/Danielle Martin/Taylor Short
2/Mai Nguyen/Erin Boyer
3/Anya Slavin/Alexa Walls
4/Kat McCord/Gino Leite
5/Jess Hasenplaugh/Brendan Ryan
6/Erin Kerr Brittany/Reynolds
7/Melissa D’Amato/Page Travaglini
8/N/A/Creed Mangrum

10:40-10:46 WOD 2 Females Heat 2

1/Anat Sheffi/Taylor Short
2/Whitney/Kemp Erin Boyer
3/Sam Michelmore/Alexa Walls
4/Megan Barrows/Gino Leite
5/N/A/Brendan Ryan
6/Pam Aldridge/Brittany Reynolds
7/Liz Shelburne/Page Travaglini
8/Molly Brady/Creed Mangrum

10:50-10:56 WOD 2 Females Heat 3

1/Karen Venezia/Taylor Short
2/Jenna Sherman/Erin Boyer
3/Lori Carpenter/Alexa Walls
4/Ashley Woods/Gino Leite
5/Amanda Leahy/Brendan Ryan
6/Laura Skaggs/Brittany Reynolds
7/Lori Webber/Page Travaglini
8/Kathryn Allen/Creed Mangrum

11:00-11:06 WOD 2 Males Heat 1

1/Alex Froyman/Taylor Short
2/Matt Giffune/John Fodera
3/Nate Gagnon/Cassandra Terry
4/Josh Bystock/Cam Mathison
5/Matt Bystock/Brendan Ryan
6/AJ Machnes/Andre C
7/Austin Reed/Page Travaglini
8/Matt Pisani/Creed Mangrum
9/Jon Gonthier/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:10-11:16 WOD 2 Males Heat 2

1/Jason Majane/Taylor Short
2/Wilson Velasco/John Fodera
3/Mike Gilbert/Cassandra Terry
4/Lou Somma/Cam Mathison
5/Will Carter/Brittany Reynolds
6/Travis D’Amato/Andre C
7/Derrick Rousseau/Alexa Walls
8/Jon Sheffi/Gino Leite
9/Humoud/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:20-11:26 WOD 2 Males Heat 3

1/Dan Smith/Taylor Short
2/FJ Perfas/John Fodera
3/Tim Wackenreuter/Cassandra Terry
4/Chris Ancona/Cam Mathison
5/Jon Brown/Brittany Reynolds
6/Eugene Mann/Andre C
7/Mark Neville/Alexa Walls
8/Scott Maurer/Gino Leite
9/Jon Wyss/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:30-11:36 WOD 2 Males Heat 4

1/Drew Veneziano/Taylor Short
2/Mike DeMichele/John Fodera
3/Bobby Rowley/Cassandra Terry
4/Michael Hans/Cam Mathison
5/Chad Verry/Brittany Reynolds
6/Phil Audino/Andre C
7/Garrett Baumann/Alexa Walls
8/Scott Graham/Gino Leite
9/Patrick Choi/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:40-12:00 Lunch/administrative break/Judges switch for “floater”

12:00-12:10 WOD 3 Females Heat 1

1/Danielle Martin/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Mai Nguyen/Jacque Goode
3/Anya Slavin/Kristen McMullen
4/Kat McCord/Carter Rogan
5/Jess Hasenplaugh/Katie Murphy
6/Erin Kerr/Erin Boyer
7/Melissa D’Amato/Brendan Ryan
8/N/A/Page Travaglini

12:15-12:25 WOD 3 Females Heat 2

1/Anat Sheffi/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Whitney Kemp/Jacque Goode
3/Sam Michelmore/Kristen McMullen
4/Megan Barrows/Carter Rogan
5/N/A/Katie Murphy
6/Pam Aldridge/Erin Boyer
7/Liz Shelburne/Brendan Ryan
8/Molly Brady/Page Travaglini

12:30-12:40 WOD 3 Females Heat 3

1/Karen Venezia/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Jenna Sherman/Jacque Goode
3/Lori Carpenter/Kristen McMullen
4/Ashley Woods/Carter Rogan
5/Amanda Leahy/Katie Murphy
6/Laura Skaggs/Erin Boyer
7/Lori Webber/Brendan Ryan
8/Kathryn Allen/Page Travaglini

12:45-12:55 WOD 3 Males Heat 1

1/Alex Froyman/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Matt Giffune/Jacque Goode
3/Nate Gagnon/Kristen McMullen
4/Josh Bystock/Carter Rogan
5/Matt Bystock/Katie Murphy
6/AJ Machnes/Brittany Reynolds
7/Austin Reed/Cam Mathison
8/Matt Pisani/Jessa Lemoine
9/Jon Gonthier/Gino Leite

1:00-1:10 WOD 3 Males Heat 2
Lane Athlete Judge

1/Jason Majane/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Wilson Velasco/Jacque Goode
3/Mike Gilbert/Kristen McMullen
4/Lou Somma/Carter Rogan
5/Will Carter/Katie Murphy
6/Travis D’Amato/Brittany Reynolds
7/Derrick Rousseau/Cam Mathison
8/Jon Sheffi/Jessa Lemoine
9/Humoud/Gino Leite

1:15-1:25 WOD 3 Males Heat 3

1/Dan Smith/Dahne Yaitanes
2/FJ Perfas/Jacque Goode
3/Tim Wackenreuter/Kristen McMullen
4/Chris Ancona/Carter Rogan
5/Jon Brown/Katie Murphy
6/Eugene Mann/Brittany Reynolds
7/Mark Neville/Cam Mathison
8/Scott Maurer/Jessa Lemoine
9/Jon Wyss/Gino Leite

1:30-1:40 WOD 3 Males Heat 4

1/Drew Veneziano/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Mike DeMichele/Jacque Goode
3/Bobby Rowley/Kristen McMullen
4/Michael Hans/Carter Rogan
5/Chad Verry/Katie Murphy
6/Phil Audino/Brittany Reynolds
7/Garrett Baumann/Cam Mathison
8/Scott Graham/Jessa Lemoine
9/Patrick Choi/Gino Leite

1:40-2:15 Transition/announcement of Final WOD/announcement of Top 6 RX Male/Female


1/RX Female Rank 1/Erin Boyer
2/RX Female Rank 2/Gino Leite
3/RX Female Rank 3/Lauren Scheinfeldt
4/RX Female Rank 4/Jeff Wurm
5/RX Female Rank 5/Carter Rogan
6/RX Female Rank 6/Page Travaglini

2:43-3:00 FINAL WOD – MALES

1/RX Male Rank 1/Erin Boyer
2/RX Male Rank 2/Gino Leite
3/RX Male Rank 3/Lauren Scheinfeldt
4/RX Male Rank 4/Jeff Wurm
5/RX Male Rank 5/Carter Rogan
6/RX Male Rank 6/Page Travaglini

3:00 Announcement of podium finishers, awarding of medals, beginning of Tasty Burger BBQ

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