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23 Dec
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WOD: Santa’s Little Elves: In teams of 3 and split anyhow for time:

Feed the reindeer before take off: 192 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

Loading the sleigh: 192 Wall Balls (20/14)

Powering the sleigh: 192 Cal Row

Do Burpees because elves also need to be fit: 192 Burpees

Cleaning Up afterwards: 192 Power Clean (95/65)

No one can do more than 24 consecutive reps and only 1 person can work at a time.


Dear Santa…

How are you??  With the pleasantries aside, this is my Christmas list.  MAY I remind you that I have been a really good boy this year and I feel like I deserve everything on this list.  I know that some of these things may seem impossible, but I have faith!!!

  • Whenever a member picks anything up (barbell, kettlebell, things that are stuff), that their back will be straight
  • That that shower from Box 2 always gets shut off properly
  • I’d like for every girl in the gym to have a Muscle Up
  • I want every member to sign up for class…every time!
  • I’d like for everyone to put everything away after they are done using it….especially when mobilizing in the champagne room
  • I don’t want to see anyone bend their knees early when they row!!!
  • I WOULD REALLY LOVE IT if everyone took their mobility as seriously as they do their workouts
  • I would be delighted if Pandora worked perfectly (I feel like this one isn’t too hard)
  • That every member doesn’t forget / lose their key tag AND that they use it to check in
  • A few days of 80 degree weather would be nice

But most of all I want for our members to have a safe and healthy year full of record breaking performances and overall improvements.

With love,



22 Dec
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Final Internal Throwdown WOD (3) 1: 12 min AMRAP of:

75 Cal Row
100 Push Ups
65 Front Squats (95/65)

Only 1 person can work at a time

Rest 3 minutes

For time:

100 Cal Row
100 Push Ups
100 Front Squats (95/65)

Final Internal Throwdown WOD (3) 2:  12 min AMRAP of:

75 Cal Row
65 Overhead Squats (95/65)
55 Handstand Push Ups

Only 1 person can work at a time

Rest 3 minutes

For time:

100 Cal Row
100 Overhead Squats (95/65)
100 Handstand Push Ups


The grand finale…

These were the last two workouts of the internal throwdown this year and if you were there, you should remember exactly how awesome they were.  If they were awesome enough that you wanted to jump into the action, then today will grant you your wish.  You and two other partners can not only select between the first or second version of this workout, but also enjoy an enhanced second part that was not experienced during the competition.

Enhanced to fulfill all of your fitness pleasures,



21 Dec
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Flip a coin WOD: For as many completed rounds as possible:

The coach will flip a coin every minute on the minute for 30 minutes.

If it lands in heads, you will do one set of exercises.

If it lands tails, you will do a different set of exercises.

All loads will be 95/65.

L1: 10 reps EMOTM
L2: 12 reps EMOTM
L3: 14 reps EMOTM

H: Burpees          T: Strict Press
H: Front Squats T: Front Rack Lunges
H: Pull Ups         T: Toes to Bar
H: Power Clean  T: Kettlebell Swings
H: Wall Balls       T: Thrusters

These 5 minutes will repeat for 30 minutes


Please tell me this makes sense…

On minute one a coin is flipped.  If it’s heads you will do as many Burpees as your chosen level requires (L1 = 10 / L2 = 12 / L3 = 14) and you only have a minute to do it.  If that first minute, the flip of the coin yields tails, then you will do Strict Press for those reps instead and you still only have one minute to do it.  As soon as that first minute expires, the coin gets flipped again and you repeat this scenario for 30 minutes.  To the unexperienced eye, this may seem picnic-like…and it is!!!

So don’t even worry about it,



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