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23 Jan
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Team WOD 1: 10 alternating rounds for time of:

12 Deadlift (145/95)
9 Hang Power Clean (145/95)
6 Push Jerk (145/95)

Team WOD 2: For time:

12 Deadlifts (125/75)
11 Hang Power Clean (125/75)
10 Shoulder to Overhead (125/75)

Add 10/5 pounds and subtract 1 rep

11 Deadlifts (135/80)
10 Hang Power Clean (135/80)
9 Shoulder to Overhead (135/80)

Add 10/5 lbs. and subtract 1 rep

Repeat this until you reach

3 Deadlift (225/125)
2 Hang Power Clean (225/125)
1 Shoulder to Overhead (225/125)


Lot of grief…

Poor Dan Bailey!  He does Grace unbroken in 71 seconds and all you hear are the people calling him out for his “no-reps”.  Some of those calls are a little close, but think about the following…

30 reps in 71 seconds turns out to be:  1 rep every 2.36 seconds.  How many of those can you do that fast?
It all happened unbroken!!!  Try and just hold the Front Rack for that long or go for 30 unbroken Hang Power Clean at that load
His form got sloppy…his shoulders were going forward, no question about that.  Other than that, he was pretty solid the whole way through!

Whichever way you see it, this is something out of the ordinary.  Think of what weight you would need to have on the bar before you were able to do Grace unbroken in 71 seconds…

65ish for me,



22 Jan
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Skill:  Hit the hips!!!!

WOD 1:  Grace:  For time:

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

WOD 2:  Isabel:  For time:

30 Snatches (135/95)


How very simple…

30 reps from the floor to over your head.  The task doesn’t ever appear daunting at first.  The barbell feels lighter and lighter as you go through the warm-up.  Then you have an amazing opening set.  All of a sudden by rep 21 or 22, things start getting hot and heavy…and not in the way you want them to.  However you decide to tackle these workouts today, just make sure you stay focused and pay attention to form.  It will (unquestionably) make all the difference.

And now some videos for your eyeballs pleasures:

Rich Froning doing Isabel at 225 (6:09.?…also sign up for the Opens)
Dan Bailey making Grace look silly (1:01.57)
Becca Voigt and Kris Clever making it look silly…at the mens weight (Kris does it in 7:41)

Don’t feel bad,






21 Jan
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Pre WOD: 10-8-6-4-2 reps of:

Pendlay Rows
30 seconds of Toes to Bar and 30 seconds of Russias Kettlebell Swings (AHAP) after each set of Pendlay Rows

Increase weights after every set

WOD 3: AM vs PM: 10 min AMRAP of:

10 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)


Oh man…

The AM vs PM shenanigans continue and the race is tight enough.  With only two weeks remaining, who knows what will happen!  Only this week and next week remain before we crown a new champion.  Before we get too excited, there are some folks who do not think the competition is fair.  They think that because the PM sessions have “something to shoot for”, that they have a mental advantage over those in the AM session.  To those people I have only one thing to say!!!!!:


And just to clarify, I am screaming that,



Also please note that the scores are:

AM:  17
PM:  23

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