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28 Jun
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WOD: For time:

50 Squats (95/65)
40 Squats (135/85)
30 Squats (155/105)
20 Squats (185/115)
10 Squats (225/135)

You have to alternate between Back, Front, and Overhead Squats each time you put the bar down.

You have to do the same number of reps for each style of Squat.

Each new set of Squats starts at Back Squats

If you are scaling, each set has to be heavier than the last

If you cannot do Overhead Squats, then you are to only switch between Back Squats and Front Squats


Weekly week preview!…

Today:  You are going to be sore.
Tuesday:  Weighted Push Ups strike again!
Wednesday:  Running maybe?  Like, maybe, lots of it?
Thursday:  HSPU progressions and the original baseline workout.
Friday:  First Regionals 2015 workout

Please note that starting in July the programming schedule is going to change.  These changes will start taking place on Monday July, 6.

You have been warned,



27 Jun
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Team WOD: End of the world (team style): For time:

120 Weighted Buddy Sit Ups (30/20) (12 Overhead Lunges (85/55) every thirty reps)
100 Overhead Lunges (85/55) (10 Weighted Sit Ups (30/20) every time you both drop the bar once )

Team WOD: End of the world (team style) : For time:

90 Toes to Bar (12 Overhead Lunges (115/75) every time you both come off the bar)
100 Overhead Lunges (115/75) (12 Toes to Bar every time you both drop the bar once)


Remember that time the world was going to end…

A couple of Decembers ago, some calendar was finished and a few people lost their mind.  Some guy named John starred in a movie about it.  There was something about the Milky Way equator and the winter solstice becoming aligned.  Anyway, this workout is the team version of what was dedicated to that completely normal day.

Good story huh,



26 Jun
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Please note that the 90 minute Endurance classes will be taking place at the Harvard Track on Saturday (6/27/15).  Bring everything you need!

Team (3) WOD: 20 min AMRAP of:

1 Burpee
1 Ground to Overhead (95/65)
1 Pull Up

Each person does each exercise 1 time and when they are back to their starting exercise, you add 1 rep

The team cannot move on to a different exercise until everyone is done


Team WODs…

We have done a lot of these and the Google spreadsheet that contains them (only the weekend workouts) was started back in January 2014.  With almost 50 different workouts, that sheet was completed twice through during the weekends last year.  For 2015, just about every single one of those workouts was complete remixed or completely changed to come up with some fresh, new WODs.  Those remixes have since been exhausted.  So, starting this July, we are going to go back to those workouts we were doing way back in January of last year.  Once we finish the list (almost 90 different WODs) they will be re-remixed!

Got a lot of gems in there,



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