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18 Jul
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If there were only a way to determine whether or not efficiency in Double Unders matters?…

Strength : 4 rounds of max Deadhang Chin Ups

WOD: For time:

500M Row,
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 Push Press (45/35)
40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (45/35)
30 Burpees
20 Box Jumps
10 Handstand Push Ups
300M Row


This is  a revenge/practice workout…let me explain.  Most of you were pretty vocal with regards of your love for the 22 Bowens workout.  In fact, I noted that you guys loved the Handstand Push Ups the most.  This workout serves as a good way to get revenge/practice for the very end of 22 Bowens with some other stressors in the mix.  Other than that, please note that a workout of this variety has some great advantages.  The moment you finish your 60 WALLBALLS!!!!, you move on to the next exercise.  As soon as you get through the 30 BURPEES!!!, you don’t have to revisit them again.  Be mindful of that and quickly put these pleasures behind you instead of pacing / focusing too much on them.

Make sure you watch the Olympics, just like you did the CFG,




17 Jul
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Strength: 100 Wall Runs for time

WOD: For Time:

21-15-9 reps of:

Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
Goblet Squats (24/16)
Kettlebell Push Press (One Arm R) (24/16)
Kettlebell Push Press (One Arm L) (24/16)


Getting up and close with the Kettlebell today.  Some quick KB facts to enrich your Wednesday:

  • Created in the 1700s by the Russian army to impress the girls
  • Also known as a “girya”
  • The men who lifted these weights were called “gireviks”
  • Traditionally measured by the “pood”.  1 pood = 16 kg = 35 lbs
  • This type of training was also used by monks with a slightly different looking piece of equipment.  Shi-SuoGuong (The Art of Stone Padlock) predates kettlebells by thousands of years
  • The most common sizes they can be found range from 4kg (8 lbs) to 48 kgs (105 lbs)

Hope you learned something today.   If you already knew all of this stuff, I am very impressed/doubtful and you should definitely get back to work.  If you did, I give you permission to shut your mind off right now.

I drop knowlegde, not kettlebells,



16 Jul
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Strength:  4 sets of max Deadhang Pull Ups

WOD:  For time:

3 rounds of:

10 Deadlifts (275/185)
30 Double Unders

3 rounds of:

10 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees


The CrossFit games are sadly over and even though the Olympics are coming up, it is just not quite the same.  Do not be alarmed if you didn’t transplant a viewing device to your eyes throughout the weekend.  You will have very similar experiences during the month of August.  Some of the Games workouts will be programmed (yay!) and I will also include some of the Masters events.  If you cannot beat a 60 year old man or woman in their event, then it is time to start taking some of these blogs to heart.  In my absence from last week, I also learned about a few new moves with the help of my niece and nephew that I would like to program…

  • 35 lb on-the-shoulders plate carry.  (We have special plates that pull your hair and play with cars on your head)
  • 15 lb dumbbell carry.  This is more of a 30 min AMRAP.  The dumbbell has to be held in the most painful and awkward way from which you cannot move.  Some dumbbells may also wiggle.
  • Walking around the gym and be amazed at everything (this one is more mental)

Don’t expect any Burpee Muscle Ups anytime soon though, cough August Baseline, cough,





15 Jul
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Strength:  100 Hollow Rocks for time

WOD:  “Josh”:  For time:

21 Overhead Squats (95/65)
42 Pull-ups
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)
30 Pull-ups
9 Overhead Squats (95/65)
18 Pull-ups


From the Denver Post by Sean McDonald

Staff Sgt. Joshua Hager, 29, died in Iraq on Friday of injuries he suffered a day earlier from an explosive device. (Courtesy of Hager family).  A wife and son in Pueblo and a mother in Broomfield are mourning the loss of Staff Sgt. Joshua Hager, who they said had found a perfect role as a military leader and devoted family man.  Hager, 29, died in Iraq on Friday of injuries he suffered a day earlier when an explosive device detonated near a vehicle he was in, military officials said.  “He was a born leader and a great husband,” said Heather Hager, Joshua’s wife of seven years. Hager said her husband had found a focus and source of pride when he enlisted in the military nine years ago and immediately met with success, becoming an Army Ranger and reaching the rank of staff sergeant. “From the second he joined, he was promoted so fast,” she said. “He was amazing. He was just such a good soldier.” Hager said a member of her husband’s platoon called her Friday night to “make sure I knew he was a hero, and that his soldiers had all lost a piece of themselves.” Pfc. Travis W. Buford, 23, of Galveston, Texas, and Pfc. Rowan D. Walter, 25, of Winnetka, Calif., also died Friday from injuries suffered in the explosion, military officials said. All were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, based at Fort Carson. Hager’s charisma and contagious sense of humor always attracted people in his direction, said his mother, Lois Knight. “He would always put everyone around him at ease,” she said. “He had the natural ability to warm people up to him.” The Hagers had closed on a house in Pueblo the day he was deployed to Iraq in October. They planned to settle down with their 9-year-old son, Bayley, three horses and two dogs. Heather Hager said her husband took Bayley everywhere with him.  That meant hours of fishing, biking or any other outdoor activity the weather permitted. “He was magnetic,” Hager said of her husband, “always up for anything.” Joshua Hager first developed a love for Colorado’s outdoors taking trips into the mountains with his mother, who raised him on her own in Broomfield. She said his easy-going nature was perfect for the hit-or- miss days spent beside a plodding river. “He didn’t care if he only caught a minnow,” she said. “He was always out there, enjoying being alive.”

RIP hero,



14 Jul
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Sooner or later you are going to do those WODs at ReebokCrossFitBackBay…



13 Jul
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Congratulations to our former coach Bryce for opening his gym in North Attleboro.  All of us at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay wish you the best of luck!!!

Partner WOD:  For time:

Both of your legs’ ass
30 Buddy Push Ups


Why don’t you want to post your scores…what could you possibly be doing?!  I feel like every time I ask for you guys to post, nothing happens.  It makes me wonder what else could be on your mind!!!!




This workout will be awesome…a chart will be at the gym for your assistance.

12 Jul
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Strength:  100 Hollow Rocks for time

WOD: 10 min AMRAP of:

30 Power Clean (75/45)
30 Power Clean (135/75)
30 Power Clean (165/100)
Power Clean AMRAP of: (210/120)

This workout is scored in the same fashion as 12.2. 1 point for every successful Power Clean.


I would find it hard to believe that even though I have included a link every day this week for the CrossFit Games, that some of you may not know that already three events have taken place.  Here are the results.  The remainder of the action starts today!  Check back on the website or come to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and ask coaches for an update in the case that you don’t own a computer and are always connected to the internet.

Before this workout gets out of control please be aware of that the volume can crush you.  Power Cleaning 75/55 pounds is no problem, even 30 times.  However, if you go too fast, you can bet that the first Power Clean at 135/75 is going to feel a lot heavier than normal when  you are completely out of breath.  After that it will all be downhill.  A good plan, good footwork, and good form will be needed for those looking to get into the 210 lbs. Power Clean.  Even if you are going to scale make sure you go up in loads every 30 reps up to 4 times.  Nothing fancy other than this today, it is late and I have some more handstands to do tomorrow…

Don’t forget to hook grip!,



11 Jul
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Strength:  3 max attempts of:

Toes to Bar

WOD:  6 rounds for time of:

20 Push Press (75/55)
20 Overhead Squats (75/55)


After an internal 10 second debate as to how I would open today’s discussion, I figured this sentence was my best option.  I have pushed back (by one full sentence ) the fact that I cannot wait for you all to do this workout!  I just cannot help myself…I am actually sitting and smiling (talented huh!) as I type away.  This little gem is actually a scaled down version of a WOD I did a while back that caught me really off guard.  I enjoy OHS immensely and the loads for all the reps was below light.  I started this workout in the same way you are going to (guns blazing) and even with my first two rounds done unbroken, the remainder of the workout felt like it had a personal grudge against me.  The sheer quantity of reps is like getting into a fight with 240 5 year old boys.  One by one, I can take ‘em out, but after a while, it will get overwhelming.

If you are thinking about pacing yourself, don’t.  As soon as you walk into Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, you will note that this is a test of physical capacity and of being able to push just one more rep.  This is mentally easier than most WODs because the load is by no means something that will need much focus.  Instead you should force those muscles to fire away (with perfect form and safety) until the bitter end.  I am personally interested in your times and since I am not around, please post your times on the comments section.  Plus you don’t want to miss out on knowing what it is like to fight 240 toddlers.

That last sentence is ridiculous,



Games are so soon!!!

10 Jul
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The picture above is of Reebok CrossFit Back Bay before all the shiny toys you play with now.  A half year has blown by since the gym opened its doors.  We would like to sincerely thank you all for your support.  This dream turned reality would not be possible without you.

Strength:  4 sets of max Deadhang Chin Ups

WOD:  For time:

800M Run
30 Power Snatches
800M Run


A few things I want to get out of the way…

Thing 1)  If you can see your palms you are doing Chin Ups

Second thing)  I need to talk to Cat.  She was the winner of the I-kick-ass-at-being-in-photos contest.  Cat will assist me in coming up with a workout loaded with Wall Ball Runs

3)  Go to the games page and get pysched up for this weekend!

IV)  Be mindful of the wine shop next to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay (not for drinking purposes, but dropping the bar purposes)

As far as the workout goes, you may have noted that there is no prescribed load listed.  This is a mainsite workout from several months back that will be different for everyone who comes in today.  Today’s workout can be running workout (going light on the Snatch), or a power workout (going heavy on the Snatch).  Since I can read your mind, you are thinking one of these three things:

  1. Oh, 500 lbs no problem
  2. Oh, cut a PVC pipe in half and then scale further down
  3. Oh, I have no idea what load to use

To alleviate all of concerns and tone a few of you down, YOU MUST SHOW A CONTROLLED SET OF 5 REPS TO YOUR COACH before you can use that load in the workout.  Your coach will be able to tell very quickly if you need to go lighter, heavier, or you have chosen wisely.  This load should not be considered your 5RM, because it is not.  This load should not be a particular % of your 1RM, because 1RM ranges are too large to be useful in something like this.  This load should be challenging enough that 30 reps will seem like a good amount to do after you have done 10 of them.  You will know that you went heavy enough when that second 800M Run makes your legs feel like Jello.

Mind the foot work,




09 Jul
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Strength:  100 Wall Runs

WOD:  6 rounds for time:

10 Pull Ups
10 Burpees
10 Toes-to-Bar


Get  your learning caps on, it is lexical bludgeoning time…

Let’s recap before we get started…

  • You are reading this because you want to compete in the CrossFit Games and we here at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay want to see you there.
  • You have performed better at your transitions and are now a chalk management specialist (big title so you feel special)
  • You have taken your nutrition and diet seriouslier
  • You have lowered your stress and increased your sleep and rest

But what about a being focused?  What about a game plan?

It is one thing to come in to the gym to forget about work and take a one hour vacation.  It is a whole other thing when you are coming into the gym ready to grab the WOD by the grapenuts and squeeze like the antidote is in them.  Despite of the quality of day that you may have had, choosing the second option will also make you feel more productive, strong, and efficient.  But having all of the tools in the tool box are useless if you do not take full advantage of them.  This is why this will be all about  focusing and making a game plan…

As a 27-year-old perfect person I know that not everything is at it seems.  I have learned that easy looking workouts are hard and hard looking workouts are only a challenge that will make me better.  Among the lessons me and the other Reebok CrossFit Back Bay coaches have learned is focus.  Can anybody guess what your face looks like when you are lifting heavy weights?  Or when you are coming back from a run with a medicine ball?  The answer is “not the face I want to have in my FB profile pic” (I would’ve gone with wedding pics, but I know what’s more important).  One of the things that professional marathon runners learn to control is their facial muscles.  Imagine how much energy it costs to hold a dumb looking face for an entire 26.2 miles!  It almost seems insignificant, but in the matter of a long workout session, the little things can make quite the difference.

How about your foot placement.  Let’s pretend the workout is 100 Push Jerks for time at 150% of the heaviest weight you have ever done.  It is obvious that a powerful hip drive and follow-through with the shoulders is a requirement, but the thing that is most often (and erroneously) underestimated is foot position.  If your feet aren’t right, that is to say, if your only form of contact with terra firma, that is to say, IF YOUR ONLY SENSE OF BALANCE is off, how can you possibly expect to perform at maximum capacity?  The same focus is needed between reps (think kipping pull ups), between exercises (think 150 Wall Balls to 90 Double Unders), and between WODs (think reflection of how you can do better in the baseline).

How many times have you walked into the gym and thought “well, this WOD looks easy”.  How many times following that thought, have you felt a sudden need to cry?  What rep scheme do you have in your head?  Would it make a difference to think “3 more reps” if you instead thought “go until you finish this set”?  At what points of the WOD will you struggle and what parts should be done as quickly as possible. Having a clear plan, even if minuscule, can make a huge difference. All other sports review film and study their opponents. If your workout is the opponent it is time to get to know it a little bit better. Being 1% more prepared can make the difference between making  the cut of athletes to watching from the stands. Take the time, think about the workout just a bit at a time, and with time you will Bellichick your way through workouts.  And now like always, get your mind in the game so you stop making me look shitty,

Serving up lessons since 2012,



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