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20 Apr
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Hey Athletes, Visionaries, Thinkers, Free Spirits, Risk Takers, and Dream Chasers…..

After some changes the destination for watching the Marathon will be a place called The Lower Depths at 476 Commonwealth Ave in Boston ( Get the word FJ) .  It is open at 9am (I suggest getting there by 9am) It is a place the has good food and beverage (Dahne  they have 150 beers) , it has access to see the runners with no problem and after some talk with some bar owners on Boylston St, the anticipate long lines and the starting at 7am.  That’s the place and if you have no where to watch friends come by.  We posted Bib numbers and Gino will repost Monday.  Feel free to email me at Bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com


” At the other side of fear is Success.”








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17 Apr
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Hey Dreamers, Thinkers, Doers, Athletes, Visionaries, Trailblazers, and Runners,

These are the Athletes from our gym and community running in the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.  They have been nice enough to share they have been nice enough to share their bib numbers and all you have to do is text #345678 then the Bib number to keep track of them and here are their stories…..

Megan Barrows

my bib is #26030. If you list everyone include their fundraising links in case anyone is feeling particularly inspired and generous. Mine is http://www.runDFMC.org/2014/meganb!!

Merci bocu,


Lindsay Durr

I wanted to pass along my bib # and charity info for the Marathon. I’m number 32006. J
I was invited back to participate this year as I didn’t get to cross the finish last year, but am fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital as it’s near and dear to my heart. My niece is/was a patient at Children’s so I’m really proud to be a part of the hospital’s team. Here’s a link to my fundraising page in case you plan to include on the blog! http://bit.ly/1o20sML
Sean McCue
 I’m bib 31042, and with the 11:25 start time I’ll be through (hopefully) somewhere around 3:15.
Arielle Ocasio
my number for Marathon Monday is : 27609  and i will be running with Tedy’s Team & the American Stroke Association. (not sure if you’re including that stuff but i still gotta REPRESENT!)
wooo hoo!!
Thanks :)
~Arielle (Ari)
Chad Verry
Here’s my bib number:
I’ll stop and say hi to you again along the way.
Megan Elizabeth Flood
I am bib #25,899.
-Bern K. Prince

Michael Gilbert
Bib 35780 13th year in a row and bombs are only making me more motivated.
Lori Webber
this is my badass, wicked pissah bib #27372. it’s a palindrome which means it’s good luck. obviously.

Dawn Leaness

Bib number 17, 125  10 25am start time

Lori Carpenter

bib number 30,130 !!! (Hey Lori Webber is that a palindrome as well???)




 Nicole Quinlan

is bib #26440…. Running for Dana-Farber. Xo

“Next Monday, on Patriots’ Day, when I’m told up to 36,000 people will line up to start the marathon, you will send a resounding message around the world not just to rest of the world, but to the terrorists that we will never yield. We will never cower. America will never, ever, ever stand down. We are Boston. We are America. We respond. We endure. We overcome. And we own the finish line.”




15 Apr

Hey Athletes, Visionaries, Runners, and Bostonians,


All runners involved with RCFBB, please email me your name and BIB number (Bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com) so I can post it for all of the community to keep track and see how you are doing.   We want to support you as much as we can.  We need to support you as much as we can.   Marathon Monday, we encourage anyone one who can to meet at Cornwall’s located at 654 Beacon St. a block away from Fenway park at 9am.






10 Apr
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

This Friday at 209 Columbus Ave at 7pm will be…..

Mike “Dork” Kennedy

33 Front Squats (185, 125#)
15 Burpees
33 Deadlifts (185, 125#)
15 Burpees
33 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)
15 Burpees

Post Scores to Comments.

Michael Kennedy was a Boston Firefighter who lost his life on March 26 on duty. He was a huge part of the CrossFit community as a coach and athlete, and he along with Lt. Edward Walsh are in our thoughts and prayers. The workout today is dedicated to them.



We will WOD  from 7pm to 8pm and from 8pm to 9pm we will hang out.  From there we would like to walk in unison, and say hello to the firehouses in the area (there are 2 within a .5 mile radius).  One thing I have noticed on the news and social media that we come together in the tragedies (as we should) but what about the modern heroes?  Our very own member, Ed Dzialo, is a firefighter and when all people flee from danger, Eddie and his crew run towards it because that';s not only what’s right but that’s what he’s been trained to do.  We have members and friends, that are doctors, nurses, and military that save lives so Friday will be a celebration of not only Crossfit but life (hey Justin, IT’S A CELEBRATION!).  We encourage all firefighters and first responders that Crossfit to come by and WOD and hang out.

-Bern K. Prince



09 Apr
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

One of long time members is involved with an awesome organization called the Best Buddies Challenge.  I  will let her explain in her own words…..

Here’s the bit on the Best Buddies Challenge.  Thanks for your support!
Last spring our friend Brian Murphy was in the midst of training for the Best Buddies Challenge, a 100 mile Bike Ride in support of Best Buddies International, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, a cause he deeply believed in.   Before Brian could complete the challenge, he passed away suddenly.  Brian’s passing was shocking and devastating to us all.  It’s hard to lose a friend, but Brian was one of the best – kind, warm, and generous.  
We instantly knew we needed to carry on Brian’s tradition and support Best Buddies by riding in the challenge the following year.  So we formed a team, Miles for Murph and with little bike riding experience, we prepare to ride in the 2014 Best Buddies Challenge. We ride to support those with intellectual disabilities, and we ride in memory of our friend Bran.  
If you’d like to support this great cause, the link to the page is below.   
Thanks for your support!
-Bern K. prince
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08 Apr
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

We Made It!!!!  Thanks to the success of the gym Reebok Crossfit BackBay is going Hollywood with most Coaches and Members landing TV and Film deals this week.  Angelo Gala will have a soap opera on ABC called The Bald and The Beautiful. Its a one man show (Why one man show? Have you met Angelo the guy is amazing, he can do everything).   Gino, AJ, Danielle Martin, and Erin Boyer will star in a Spanish Soap Opera (Ay Dios Mio!  That’s right Nate we are going international) about love, deception, and kettlebells called Dormir En El Extremo Sur  which loosely translated means Sleepless in the South End.  As for myself, Bern K. Prince, I will be in a feature film starring Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, and Lisa Cole.  The film is about a former crossfit coach making the transition into a professional ballerina.  Black Swan Part 2 will be going straight to DVD and BluRay in 2019.

On a very very  serious note, all day Friday and Friday night we will be doing a WOD for the fallen firefighters Michael “Dork ” Kennedy Ladder Co. 15), 33, of Hyde Park, Ma, who was killed in the line of duty on March 26, 2014 while operating at Box 9-1579. Dork is survived by his father Paul Kennedy and his mother Kathy Crosby-Bell. Lieutenant Edward Walsh  is survived by his wife and three young children.   Gino will be posting on the blog later this week about the WOD we would like to invite any crossfiiter that is a firefighter from any gym and anywhere to come down and WOD.




-Bern K. Prince


“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”


27 Mar
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,


Two of our members, Steve Cardillo and Ben Eischen are apart of an awesome organization called Minds Matter, which is a youth mentoring organization that they care deeply about.

WHEN:     Saturday, April 5, 2014, 8pm – 12pm
WHERE:  The Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston
WHAT:     An unforgettable evening featuring top shelf drinks all night, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, and a silent auction!
WHO:       You and 600 of Boston’s young professionals.
WHY:       A benefit for Minds Matter of Boston
Tickets are available at Ticketleap HERE, or through our event on Facebook
Bring your friends, family, significant others, and anyone else who’s up for a great evening.
The Spring Soiree is our #1 source of funding, so the more guests, the better!
The event is fully catered through donations from many local Boston restaurants and we receive support and sponsorships from nationally recognized brands such as Sam Adams, Ketel One Vodka, Blue Ribbon BBQ, and UBER among many others!
Some More Information about Minds Matter…
Today, it seems that a college education is more important than ever.  For some, attending a four year collegiate education is the forgone conclusion after completing high school.  For many high achieving students in the Boston area from low-income families, however, this is not always a realistic expectation.  Without the resources for tutoring, test preparation, study textbooks and other support, these students face an uphill battle to reach their highest academic potential in today’s competitive academic environment.
This is where Minds Matter comes in.  The Boston chapter of this national non-profit organization is dedicated to helping these talented and underprivileged students to reach their goals of attending a four year college.  We aim to help students who show initiative through a weekly mentoring program, aiding directly with developing academic skills and preparation for the college application process as well as answering the questions that come up for students navigating this complex time in their lives.  In addition, the program provides professional SAT classes and sends each student to a collegiate summer program every year.
Of course, such a comprehensive program requires a great deal of financial support for each student.  Each year, we provide the majority of the funding for this program through our annual Spring Soiree, which in Boston has become one of the largest charitable events aimed at our demographic.  This year over 600 young professionals, most of which in their twenties, will join together at the Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston.  
Follow Minds Matter of Boston on Twitter @MindsMatterBOS, on Instagram @mindsmatterboston, and like us on Facebook!
24 Mar
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

We have 1 workout left and on Friday March 28th, at 7pm at 209 Columbus Ave Colin Gould will have the Boston Marathon tshirts.  We will also have details on the outing planned for the marathon.  This will also be the night where we get to cheer on all competitors.  If you haven’t not been to a Friday Comp class this is the night to come by, bring food, bring friends, and bring drinks and cheer on your class mates as they take on whatever 14.5 has to bring.

– Bern K. Prince





10 Mar

Hey Athletes and Visionaries,





04 Mar
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Hey Athletes, Visionaries, and Runners,

The 118th running of The Boston Marathon will happen on  Monday April 21st, 2014.    To support all members and everyone running we will meet at Whiskey’s at 885 Boylston St. that morning.  Colin Gould, our amazing photographer, designer, and great friend of the gym made designed awesome Boston Strong T shirts last year for the gym and needs to know how many more shirts to print this year.  For more details on where to meet and details on the shirts please email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com


-Bern K. Prince

“You have to save who you are, not who you were.”  Beth








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