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19 Mar
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“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want the most.”






Hey Athletes…….

On Saturday March 21st from 330pm to 530pm at 209 Columbus Ave our sponsors will be CaveMan Coffee and Stronger Faster Healthier.    If you haven’t been to a Saturday event it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at the gym by far.

-Bern K. Prince


12 Mar
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Hey Athletes,

We have 9 confirmed Adaptive Athletes competing on Saturday from 330pm to 530pm at 209 Columbus Ave.  Here’s a list of the athletes….

Bern and FJ,

Here are the names, emails, and IG accounts for confirmed athletes:
Athlete Instagram
Brendan Ferreira b.ferreira167
Dawn Macomber dndmacomber
Rocky Piwko sngl_handedly
Dominic Davila
Greg Caron
Earl Granville (confirmed with Bern) earlgranville
Evan Reichenthal (confirmed with Bern) rickenrackenusa


Brendan Ferreria is from Seekonk, MA is stoked to be apart of this event.  Click here to see his featured article on the Crossfit mainsite.

-Bern K. Prince

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want the most.”





11 Mar

Hey Athletes,

On Saturday March 14th at 209 Columbus Ave from 330 to 530 one of our awesome sponsors will be NOBULL, an apparel company that believes in making no excuses (also i implore you to look at the site.  They just launched a cool commercial that I like alot).  Todd Meleney is head of their marketing department and also is a longtime member so he promised to bring a whole bunch of gear that day.  nobullswag


I usually don’t speak for the staff but this week I will….We ask you to come every Saturday to cheer us on and to support our sponsors and you do so on behalf of the staff, THANK YOU!!!!!!!  We notice you Daniel and Ariel hanging out, we see you 6pm ladies, Emily, Emily, and Pua.  Matt Jones…you might be the loudest member we have and it’s awesome.  Howlett family, Trav, Horigan, #BaconitPaleo, and so many more people that I can’t fill it in one one post so thank you.

– Bern K. Prince


This is a short film made by some friends of mine.  Family friendly video but warning it is emotionally heavy so if you are sensitive please do not watch.  You have been warned


09 Mar
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Hey Athletes from all over….

This Saturday March 14, 2015 at 209 Columbus Avenue from 3:30 to 5:30pm, RCFBB is proud to have as one of it sponsors, I Am Adaptive which is a not for profit Organization founded by Adaptive Athletes striving to build a strong global community and raise awareness for the adaptive movement.   This is a letter I received from an adaptive athlete as soon as it became public knowledge that I Am Adaptive was going to be one of our sponsors…..

USMC Lcpl Wounded Veteran Evan Reichenthal and I would love to join you on Saturday March 14th. We are both wounded veterans who volunteer for the non-profit, Operation Enduring Warrior.

Evan lost his right leg below the knee and has very limited usage of his right arm from stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan back in 2011. I have included him in this email.

I lost my left leg through the knee from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan back in 2008 while serving with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

There will be a group of us in Boston that weekend, and most of us are crossfitters but not adaptive athletes. Would there be a drop in rate for all to participate or is this strictly an adaptive athlete event?

Look forward to meeting you and the rest of CF Back Bay next month.

Earl Granville
Operation Enduring Warrior
Wounded Veteran Liaison/MAT Member


One of our longtime members, Nate Gagnon is an Adaptive Athlete and this is letter he wrote me a year ago….

I have never had a fully functioning right arm. When I was born a month early, I couldn’t move my right arm at all. Eventually, I was able to move my arm, but have never had full extension. I am right handed. I have played sports my whole life. As you can imagine, not having full functionality out of your dominant hand creates some challenges, but I always just found a way to make it work. When I first started CrossFit, it was the first athletic endeavor I have undertaken where I thought I just wouldn’t be able to do it. It seemed like there was just too many things that required full extension. But, with some great encouragement of the coaching staff at RCFBB, I stuck with it. At first I did a lot of work with dumbbells and kettlebells. Eventually, I got “comfortable” with the barbell and have tried to progress to where I am doing the closest thing I can to the prescribed workout as possible. I still have work to do, but I’m getting there.

Let me just say this, it sucks. Snatches suck, overhead squats suck, handstand pushups suck…anything overhead sucks. All those things are difficult if you have two fully functioning arms. With one impaired arm, everything is harder. But I don’t let that stop me. I don’t let the suck win out and just do something else. I’m good at plenty of other things, but I want to beat this challenge. I’ve had people say “Maybe you just shouldn’t do overhead squats.” “Maybe it doesn’t make sense for you to snatch.” Maybe they’re right. But if I lived my life like that, I wouldn’t have done a lot of the things I’ve done. I have a choice, I can use my arm as an excuse to not do things or I can choose to do them anyway knowing that it’s just going to be more difficult, suck a little more, and I’m going to have to try harder. I choose to try.”
– Bern K. Prince
06 Mar

Hi Athletes……

Jessa Lemoine is the 23rd ranked Woman in the World (hey AJ, the World is a big place!) and as a gym we are ranked 23rd in the NorthEast Region (top 15 make it so are so close).   We encourage every member to do 15.2 on Friday march 6th, including the 7pm comp class (That’s right Austin, Fridays at 7pm at 209 Columbus Ave).  Last week was awesome on Friday and we would love another big turnout Friday at 7pm.

This week’s Saturday Night Fever will be sponsored by Grid League’s Juggernaut, The Boston Iron.  On of our members, Nicholas Jasset, will be there with has company and food called Phi Bar.  The Video of what he is bringing for spectators will be below so please come hungry and with questions.

-Bern K. Prince






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26 Feb
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Hey Athletes and Readers…

On Saturday February 28th from 330pm to 530pm, at 209 Columbus Ave, longtime member Donna Batista will be in the gym talking to people about her outstanding blog call SwanSnatchLove.  I will let her explain in her own words…..

“Who is interested in reading the #1 fitness, food, and lifestyle blog IN THE WORLD?  Ok, this is not that.  But it could be!  SwanSnatchLove.com is the blogchild of longtime member, Donna Battista and her Pilates Instructor, Amanda Schall.   We at Rebook Crossfit Back Bay are large.  We contain multitudes.  We can help launch SwanSnatchLove  to fame, fortune and a spot on the Today show!


So if you’re interested in a non-professional’s (Donna) take on how to integrate fitness and good cooking and clean eating into complicated, travel-laden, busy lives in a non-judgmental, non-preachy and amusing way AND/OR you’re interested in hearing (from Amanda) how Pilates can help improve your performance in Crossfit and help prevent injuries, check us out.”


See you Saturday everyone

-Bern K. Prince




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25 Feb
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Hi Athletes and Visionaries,


On Saturday, February 28th at 209 Columbus Ave. from 330pm to 530pm, all of the competition team attack the 1st open WOD of 2015. We need and want as many of YOU to come down, bring friends, bring drinks and be rowdy and cheer our comp team on through whatever workout Crossfit HQ has in store for us. Our friends from Race-Pak will there with food and fuel for the spectators.

One of the athletes competing Saturday is 5 time regional athlete, Boston Grid Athlete, 2014 2nd place finish at The Spring Cup, 4th place finish at 2014 Northe East Regionals, 2011 Games Athlete, and one of my workout partners Jessa Lemoine.


-Bern K. Prince



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20 Feb
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Hey Athletes, Siskel, Ebert, Roeper,  and all Movie Goers….

Crossfit Headquarters is having a film contest.  As a collective we are sending in 2 movies representing Reebok Crossfit Back Bay.  We are filming one of the movies this Sunday, January 22, at 209 Columbus Ave from 10 am to about 3pm.  I want to make everyone this DOES NOT affect any classes that day.  They will run exactly as planned.  The 1st part of the movie will specifically film the 10am class that day.  If you want to take that class please sign up and if it’s full well… its full.  We are asking people if they have gear specifically that says Reebok Crossfit Back Bay.  If you don’t have any gear then don’t worry about it.  After the class we will be filming some brunch scenes at Zocalo and some scenes on Dartmouth St itself.  Several people have expressed interest in helping or being in the movie so thank you and all you have to do is email me ( that’s right Tina Coll) at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com and we can see where we  need assistance.  Those who come by to help you need to bring several changes of clothes for the day.    MyKim Dang has agreed to film this project.  Her and her crew are so talented so I couldn’t pick just one video from MyKim,  Jeremy, and her whole crew so we’ve got multiple videos this post including the 1st video we sent to Crossfit HQ that many of you have already seen.

-Bern K. Prince


Lauren And Dan’s Wedding…

MyKim Dang


The 1st Movie From The gym produced by Max Summit


16 Feb
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Hey Athletes and RCFBB competitors,

The Crossfit Open is by far the most exciting time of the year for our gym and competitive athletes.  It is the time after training and competing against each other for 11 months we get to compete against all the other gyms in the world.

Every Saturday, starting  Saturday, February 28th from 330pm to 530 pm, we are launching a series called Saturday Night Fever.  We are inviting all current members, former members, and any fans of fitness to come to 209 Columbus Ave. and cheer on the Coaches and all competition team members.  Why are we doing this? Honestly as a Coach you have seen us through our triumphs, tribulations, supported us in competitions, charities, and sometimes life situations.  So we want your support through this open so we can represent the gym to the best of our ability.

Alot of you know how we run our social events and if you don’t please email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com or just pull me aside and start your question off with, “Hey Bernsie…”   The 1st week of Saturday Night Fever will be sponsored by our friends from RacePak.


All of you should be registering for the open because we will be programming the Open WOD every Friday at the gym.  To register click here.

-Bern K. Prince

“In order to do something that most people can’t do, you have to be able sacrifice things that most people won’t.”


04 Feb
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après (aprā′; Fr ȧ pre)

after: often used in hyphenated compounds: an après-ski party

Hey Athletes and Visionaries….

This Friday, February 6th at 209 Columbus Ave from 7pm to 9pm we will have our 1st Social of the year.  This is a networking social so if you have a small business or offer a service please come by.  Also we are looking to make this an on going thing throughout the year so we are asking anyone with a small business or offering any service to please email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com

We know that alot of you out there are looking to meet new friends (Friendship is always the Best Ship) so our friends at CommonWealth Crossfit are having a Speed Dating Event on Friday February 13.   To see more about this event click here  To buy tickets for the event please click here.


-Bern K. Prince








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