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17 Apr
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Regionals WOD Saturday!: Team Event 6 (2013): For time:

200 Double Unders
50 Handstand Push Ups (while partner holds handstand)
50 Toes to Bar (while partner hangs from the bar)
50 Shoulder to Overhead (160 / 100 lbs)
50 Front Rack Lunges (160/100)


This beast…

Some quick research on the Leaderboard will reveal that a home team owns the world record.  CFNE A stopped the clock at an outrageous 7:33!  Some additional research will reveal that the workout you will do today is different then what was contested two years ago.  On one hand, you have 100 more Double Unders.  On the other hand, you have (possibly) fewer lunges and 100% less axle bar.  That is the very definition of a good deal.

At least in CrossFit terms,



16 Apr
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Pre WOD: 20 mins to find: 2RM Hang Squat Clean

WOD: For time:

10-8-6-4-2 reps of:

Hang Squat Clean (66 % of Pre WOD)

2 Reverse Wall Climb after each set of Hang Clusters

5 minute time limit


Does anyone know why today is so darn special?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…

Today is the very happy third anniversary of the blog!  Back on 4-17-12, I was asked to post the workout and maybe post some kind of an explanation for it.  Over 1000 posts (one post just about every single day since) later and we have talked about almost everything under the sun.  Shout out to everyone who reads them and giggles a little bit.  Special shout out to everyone who has moved away and still keeps up with the blog every once in a while.  I have a lot of fun making it and I am delighted that you have enjoyed reading it.

I hope it keeps getting weird between us,



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15 Apr
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Pre WOD:

Front Lever practice
Elevated Straddle Press lean and hold practice

French Throwdown WOD 1:  For time:

50 Double Unders
40 Toes to Bar
30 Power Snatch (75/55)
20 Overhead Squats (75/55)

Level 1:  10 min cap
Level 2:  7 min cap


Let’s take a look at the WOD…

50 Double Unders should not be a problem, but if it happens to be, it’s going to be a huge problem.  Just like in life, some lessons are just hard to learn, but they are always important!  40 Toes to Bar can be scaled if needed, but there are still 40 of them so break them up early if you know you struggle here.  30 Power Snatches aren’t too bad at that weight as long as you keep using your hips and your grip can last you.  20 Overhead Squats should not be hard, but since you are probably close to red lining it at this point, these may feel more like a 1RM being done 20 times.  Either way, set that back and those shoulders and get to work!

¡Oh non!,



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14 Apr
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WOD:  3 rounds for time of:

400M Run
20 Double Unders
10 Pull Ups
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
500M Row
20 Double Unders
10 Burpees
10 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 minute timie limit


The French Throwdown 2015…

We just finished the 2015 Opens season and if you were even mildly curious about it, you probably foraged through the leaderboard a little bit.  One of the most popular thoughts is this:

“If only I competed in _____ I would’ve totally made it to the games”

Now you have an opportunity to settle that argument once and for all.  Are you as fit as the men and women across the pond?  For the next three weeks will be testing our fitness and wits in the same fashion as the Opens (Leaderboard and all).

Due to the unpredictability of the competition workouts, these will be schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  I’ll give you a heads up the day before and that way you guys can come ready!

Bonne chance à tous,



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13 Apr
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Pre WOD:  30 minutes to complete:

A1)  5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press
A2)  12 Straight Arm Band Pull Downs

Partner WOD: 10 min AMRAP of:

30 seconds of Ring Support Hold
30 seconds of Burpees

Partners alternate rounds


What a gala…

Back Bay knows how to party and if you were there, you certainly had a great time.  Drinks were had, pictures were taken, dance moves were unleashed, prices were won, and boat loads of fun were had.  If you didn’t get to go, I hope you had fun with your plans as well, but I hope to see you in our next event.  Please stay tuned for the credits and if you see these people do give them a high five!

Thanks again to all of you for coming!!!

Thank you to all of the Admins who helped out:


Thank you to Katie Pietrowski (Photography) (these will be available to you later!)

Thank you to Hillary Howlett (Venue Organizer)

Thank you to Mykim – (Video) (will post link tomorrow!)

Thank you to Cherane Wilkerson – (DJ)

Thank you to Stacy Schwartz – (Silent Auction and Raffle)

Thank you to Neil Jacobs – (3PF)

Thank you to Andrew Mirken –(3PF)

Thank you to all of the boys from the (3PF)

Congratulations to Cassandra T. for winning a One Year Membership price!!!

What a gala indeed,





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12 Apr
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Pre WOD:  35 mins to complete

A1)  1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Front Squats
A2) 10 One Legged Broad Jumps
A3) 10 Barbell Good Mornings

WOD: How many calories can you maintain the following pace:

Level 1: 1100/+700+ CPH
Level 2: 1200+/820+ CPH

You have 5 strokes to find your pace and then the first stroke you pull that is under ypur CPH, you are done.

3 min time limit


So much to address!!!…

This is a list of things we need to talk about and we need to do it really soon!  Please keep me honest and make sure I talk about:

1)  An everlasting Paleo Challenge.
2)  Possible internal throwdown sometime in May.
3)  What the programming has in store for you this April.
4)  How awesome the Gala was!
5)  FIVE!!!!!

And maybe also comment on the weather,




11 Apr
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Team WOD 1: 5 rounds for time:

800M Run
45 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
35 Pull Ups

WOD 2:  Eva:  5 rounds for time of:

800M Run
30 Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
30 Pull Ups


The gala is going awesome…

Thanks for asking.  If you are reading this in the morning and still recovering, then you should probably stay there.  If you are ready to go and in the mood to tackle a complete monster of a workout, then head on in.  Feel free to deplete yourselves in the WOD only to replete yourselves on brunch.  The only thing that I ask of you is that you do not tear your hands!  If you need to scale so that you don’t rip, please do so!

It’s mostly because I enjoy high-fiving you guys,



11 Apr


The Langham, Boston – Esplanade Room

250 Franklin Street

Boston, MA 02110


Directions, Public Transportation, and Parking



6:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Cocktail Reception (Open Bar)

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM: DJ, Dancing, Prizes (Cash Bar)


Cocktail Attire – Suits For The Men & Dresses For The Ladies

Silent Auction


Personal Training

Celtics Tickets

Red Sox Tickets

Great Restaurants

A Very Special Item

And More!


A One-Year Membership to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay


Physical Tickets Are Not Required – Guest’s Names & Tickets Will Be At Check In

For Additional Information


10 Apr
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Regionals WOD Saturday!: Team Event 3 (2012):

20 alternating rounds of:

12 Alternating arm DB Snatch
100M Run


The Gala is tonight!!!…

In case you are not aware, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay will be hosting a Gala at the Langham Hotel tonight!  From 6 – 11 PM come dine and drink (open bar until 9) with your fellow workout enthusiasts and raise some money for the 3-point foundation!  This is going to be a fun-tastic event and I cannot wait to look all snazzy and hang out with all of you.  Bring your butt over to 250 Franklin Street and let’s have ourselves and grand time.




09 Apr
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Pre WOD:  25 mins to find:

3RM Hang Power Snatch

WOD: 21-15-9 reps for time of:

Wall Balls (20/14)
Hang Power Snatch (75/55)

5 minute time limit


We were few…

And we hung out.  And we saw each other almost every day.  And we shared similar passions the same way we shared frustrations.  We coached together.  We worked out together.  We competed together.  We learned together.  We opened and we closed and we dedicated together.  We had meetings and we argued the same way we had parties and we laughed.   And now that you are leaving, we just won’t be “we” without you.

And you will be missed together,



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