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11 Apr
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Tickets Go on Sale Friday!

10 Apr


Hey guys,

Below is the schedule of heats for Saturday, April 13th. Athletes’ briefing will be at 8:15AM at the Columbus Ave location, and the first event will begin at 9:00AM sharp. Any questions can be sent to me at

RX division — WOD 1 — Heat 1 — 9:00am


1/Jason Casey+Alexa Walls/Erin Boyer

2/Bern Prince+Justine Colgan/Brendan Ryan

3/Colin Gould+Daisy Robinton/Gino Leite

4/Claire Savage+Kevin Crets/Chris Daly

5/Brian Reyelt+Phil Audino/Edmund Montanari

6/FJ Perfas+ Kiki Fehling/Cam Mattheson

7/Angelo Gala+Mariana Spry/Taylor Short

8/Marc Wayshak+Kristin McKenna/Jeff Wurm


RX division — WOD 1 — Heat 2 — 9:30am


1/Dan Martin+Mykim Dang/Erin Boyer

2/Parker Wellington+Cat Wentworth/Brendan Ryan

3/Michael Dopler+Christine Stehman/Gino Leite

4/Donn Abellard+Eugene Mann/Chris Daly

5/Nate Gagnon+Jon Roiter/Edmund Montanari

6/Ross Gundry+Kevin Webber/Cam Mattheson

7/Dan Sutterman+Molly Boyle/Taylor Short

8/Brian Kerr+Haley Dowling/Jeff Wurm


RX division — WOD 1 — Heat 3 — 10:00am


1/Chip Russell+Jon Brown/Erin Boyer

2/Jim Covello+Jon Kazarian/Brendan Ryan

3/Matt Giffune+Travis D’Amato/Gino Leite

4/Austin Reed+Bobby Rowley/Chris Daly

5/Eddie Dzialo+Lou Somma/Edmund Montanari

6/Chris Stoeckle+Mark Neville/Cam Mattheson

7/Craig Sundberg+Anthony Cosenze/Taylor Short



Scaled division — WOD 1 — Heat 1 — 10:30am


1/Chad Verry+Jade Best/Lauren Scheinfeldt

2/Jong Hur+Vanessa Menchaca/Jessa Lemoine

3/Sunshine Hennessey+JM Spagnuolo/Josh Plosker

4/Jason Majane+Mai Nguyen/Page Travaglini

5/Ben Eld+Nini Nguyen/Brittany Reynolds

6/Justin Maccaro+Holly Rinaldi/Cam Mattheson

7/Robbie Sigman+Kathryn Allen/Taylor Short

8/Jon Sheffi+Katie Jillson/Gino Leite


Scaled division — WOD 1 — Heat 2 — 11:00am


1/Bob Pan+Catalina Lopez/Lauren Scheinfeldt

2/Dan Smith+Sara Mandell/Jessa Lemoine

3/David Finn+Sam Shackman/Josh Plosker


5/Jason Berman+Melissa McEvoy/Brittany Reynolds

6/Lindsay Smaron+Jacqui Goode/Chris Daly

7/Laura Bennett+Christina Fagan/Jeff Wurm

8/Scott Maurer+Jenna Sherman/Page Travaglini


Regionals discussion/Admin break 11:30am-12:00pm


RX division — WOD 2 — Heat 1 — 12:00pm



2/Claire Savage+Kevin Crets/Jessa Lemoine

3/Parker Wellington+Cat Wentworth/Josh Plosker

4/FJ Perfas+Kiki Fehling/Page Travaglini

5/Bern Prince+Justine Colgan/Brittany Reynolds

6/Brian Kerr+Haley Dowling/Brendan Ryan

7/Marc Wayshak+Kristin McKenna/Edmund Montanari

8/Donn Abellard+Eugene Mann/Erin Boyer


RX division — WOD 2 — Heat 2 — 12:30pm


1/Dan Sutterman+Molly Boyle/Lauren Scheinfeldt

2/Michael Dopler+Christine Stehman/Gino Leite

3/Jim Covello+Jon Kazarian/Cam Mattheson

4/Angelo Gala+Mariana Spry/Taylor Short

5/Colin Gould+Daisy Robinton/Brittany Reynolds

6/Dan Martin+Mykim Dang/Brendan Ryan

7/Nate Gagnon+Jon Roiter/Edmund Montanari

8/Craig Sundberg+Anthony Cosenze/Erin Boyer


RX division — WOD 2 — Heat 3 — 1:00pm


1/Chip Russel+Jon Brown/Jessa Lemoine

2/Brian Reyelt+Phil Audino/Gino Leite

3/Chris Stoeckle+Mark Neville/Josh Plosker

4/Ross Gundry+Kevin Webber/Page Travaglini

5/Matt Giffune+Travis D’Amato/Brittany Reynolds

6/Eddie Dzialo+Lou Somma/Brendan Ryan

7/Austin Reed+Bobby Rowley/Chris Daly

8/Jason Casey+Alexa Walls/Jeff Wurm

Scaled division — WOD 2 — Heat 1 — 1:30pm


1/Lindsay Smaron+Jacqui Goode/Lauren Scheinfeldt

2/David Finn+Sam Shackman/Gino Leite

3/Bob Pan+Catalina Lopez/Josh Plosker

4/Jason Berman+Melissa McEvoy/Page Travaglini

5/Laura Bennet+Christina Fagan/Ben Kimmerle

6/Robbie Sigman+Kathryn Allen/Brittany Reynolds

7/Ben Eld+Nini Nguyen/Chris Daly

8/Jong Hur+Vanessa Menchaca/Jeff Wurm


Scaled division — WOD 2 — Heat 2 — 2:00pm


1/Dan Smith+Sara Mandell/Lauren Scheinfeldt

2/Jon Sheffi+Katie Jillson/Erin Boyer

3/Scott Maurer+Jenna Sherman/Josh Plosker

4/Sunshine+JM/Page Travaglini

5/Justin Maccaro+Holly Rinaldi/Ben Kimmerle

6/Jason Majane+Mike Sabbota/Jessa Lemoine

7/Chad Verry+Jade Best/Michael Cahill


Lunch/Administrative break 2:30-3:00pm

* Top 16 RX teams qualify for WOD 3

* Top 12 Scaled teams qualify for WOD 3


RX Division — WOD 3 — 16th place to 1st place — 3:00-3:20pm

* 16th place enters first, then 15th, etc — each team enters with 2 judges and judges will rotate back to beginning when finished (line up 12 total judges for this, 2 at each team and 2 on deck)


Scaled Division — WOD 3 — 12th place to 1st place — 3:34–3:50pm

* 12th place enters first, then 11th, etc — each team enters with 2 judges and judges will rotate back to beginning when finished (line up 12 total judges for this, 2 at each team and 2 on deck)


Administrative break/calculations + announcements for Final WOD (state who qualifies/go over standards) — 3:50-4:15pm

* Only top 6 teams qualify for final from each division


Scaled Division — Final WOD — 4:20-4:34pm


1/6th place team/Ben Kimmerle

2/5th place team/Jessa Lemoine

3/4th place team/Brittany Reynolds

4/3rd place team/Lauren Scheinfeldt

5/2nd place team/Gino Leite

6/1st place team/Erin Boyer


RX Division — Final WOD — 4:40-4:54pm


1/6th place team/Ben Kimmerle

2/5th place team/Jessa Lemoine

3/4th place team/Brittany Reynolds

4/3rd place team/Lauren Scheinfeldt

5/2nd place team/Gino Leite

6/1st place team/Erin Boyer

Good luck to all competitors, see you this Saturday!

08 Apr


Hey guys,

The teams for the Internal Throwdown this Saturday have been finalized. Look below to find your partner and get in contact with them to strategize, etc for this weekend. If you signed up and you do NOT see your name on the list below, please contact me ASAP at


  1. Jason Casey/Alexa Walls “The Defending Champs”
  2. Bern Prince/Justine Colgan “Team Black Ice”
  3. Colin Gould/Daisy Robinton
  4. Claire Savage/Kevin Crets “Like, Totally Awesome”
  5. Brian Reyelt/Phil Audino “Team Tasty”
  6. FJ Perfas Nate Champion/Kiki Fehling
  7. Angelo Gala/Mariana Spry
  8. Marc Wayshak/Kristin McKenna
  9. Dan Martin/Mykim Dang “Twins”
  10. Parker Wellington Tim Wackenreuter/Cat Wentworth
  11. Michael Dopler/Christine Stehman
  12. Donn Abellard/Anna Peirera Eugene Mann
  13. Nate Gagnon/Jon Roiter
  14. Ross Gundry/Kevin Webber
  15. Dan Sutterman/Molly Boyle
  16. Brian Kerr/Haley Dowling
  17. Chip Russell/Jon Brown
  18. Jim Covello/Jon Kazarian
  19. Matt Giffune/Travis D’Amato
  20. Austin Reed/Bobby Rowley
  21. Eddie Dzialo/Lou Somma
  22. Chris Stoeckle/Mark Neville
  23. Craig Sundberg/Anthony Cosenze


  1. Chad Verry/Jade Best
  2. Jong Hur/Vanessa Menchaca
  3. Sunshine Hennessey/JM Spagnuolo
  4. Jason Majane/Mai Nguyen Mike Sabbota
  5. Ben Eld/Nini Nguyen
  6. Justin Maccaro/Holly Rinaldi
  7. Robbie Sigman/Kathryn Allen
  8. Jon Sheffi/Katie Jilson
  9. Bob Pan/Catalina Lopez
  10. Dan Smith/Sara Mandell
  11. David Finn/Sam Shackman
  12. Jason Berman/Melissa McEvoy
  13. Lindsay Smaron/Jacqui Goode
  14. Laura Bennett/Christina Fagan
  15. Scott Maurer/Jenna Sherman


If you guys have any additional questions about teams or the competition, just let me know. A full heat schedule and schedule of events will be posted Wednesday night. Get ready to battle to the death against your fellow RCFBB members this Saturday, April 13th!


03 Apr

Hey everyone,

If you have not already heard for whatever reason, we our hosting our second Internal Throwdown at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay next Saturday, April 13th. This is a partner competition with mostly co-ed teams (there will be some same-sex teams due to numbers) and will be comprised entirely of RCFBB members. Spectating is highly encouraged for those who do not want to participate. The deadline for athletes to register is this Sunday, April 7th at midnight. If you do not register by then it will be too late as I need to create the schedule for the day and set up heat times for each event. If you are interested, all relevant details are below:

Date: Saturday, April 13 (after the Open ends)
Time: Plan on being here all day (approximately 9-5)
Location: Box 2, 209 Columbus Ave
Divisions: RX and Scaled
Teams: Teams of 2 (we will pair everyone up, just register yourself)
RX requirements: If you can perform all Level 1 WODs RX and you look at a good portion of Level 2 WODs knowing you can attempt or do them, sign up for RX
Scaled requirements: For those of you who may be newer or cannot necessarily perform all Level 1 WODs as prescribed

If you are interested, please send me an email at and let me know which division you want to sign up for. If you are wondering whether to go for RX or Scaled, please email with your questions or concerns. Best of luck with the last workout of the Open and get prepared to finish this competition season in style with your fellow Back Bay members!

Coach Justin

28 Mar
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Dear members,

Beginning in April, we will be releasing additional classes  – including classes on the half hour at box 2!  Stay tuned for exciting news!!!


26 Mar
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Dear Members,
In April, we will be expanding our class schedule with additional class times, and we will also be introducing our NEW Strength Classes. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days!Comingsoon

18 Mar
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24 Dec
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Reebok CrossFit Back Bay will be closed on Monday December 24th, and Tuesday December 25th.   We will also be running a limited schedule for the remainder of the week, so please check Mind Body for class times.  We would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday, and we also would like to pay homage to all of the women and men spending the holidays protecting this great country.

23 Nov
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Sign up for a Free Trial and register to win a pair on Nano 2.0’s!

29 Oct
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Dear Members, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay will be open tomorrow and running a full schedule!



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