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10 Oct

“Wake up every day with an intensity unknown to mankind.”

-Jim Harbaugh


Hey Athletes, Visionaries, Socialites, and Paleo eaters……

Due to an awesome response we have extended the hours of The KettleBall . The Ball starts at 6pm at 209 Columbus Ave of October 17th.  Here are all the details….

  • Paleo treats will be provided by one our awesome members Kenzie aka Cave Girl in the City who balance food, fashion and everything in between.  Click here to read what she has to offer.
  • WoodChuck will provide  cans of Hard Cider.
  • Bacardi is providing 3 different kinds of high volume liquor.
  • Titos is providing cases of Vodka
  • Coach Justin will be tending bar all night.  He accepts cash for tips.
  • Classes will still be going on so for those who want to take class you can still come by
  • You can bring guests so please RSVP either through Facebook or email at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com
  • Proper dress required

The after party Venue has been confirmed.  The after party will at Tico on 222 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116 at 9:30.  We will be leaving the gym at 9:30pm sharp (That’s right Drew).  We are asking people to arrive as early as possible and we will go straight to Tico after for more fun and festivities.

-Bern K. Prince





08 Oct
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Hey Athletes,



On Friday October 17th for the Kettle Ball some of our sponsors will be Tito’s Vodka, WoodChuck Hard Cider, and a few different Liqueurs from Bacardi.  Serving all these drinks will be celebrity bartender Justin Wright (There’s more to Justin than cool hair and Barbells)!  He will be making some of his signature cocktails for everyone to sample. Bring cash please and not for the drinks but to tip Justin.  You are allowed to bring a guest,multiple guests, friends, family, fellow crossfitters, future crossfitters, and even your cousin twice removed  as long as they dress well.  We are asking people to RSVP thru Facebook (FJ keep killing it on social media) or email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com that you are coming.  We need to know roughly how many people are coming per example Jane Doe + 1 RSVP for the Kettle Ball will do.

This Friday night, Steve from Snap Top Market will be by night classes at Columbus Ave from 5pm to 8pm with food and samples from his store.  I know a lot of people are doing well with the Paleo challenge this month and Snap Top Market is a small store on Columbus Ave with fresh produce, veggies, and meats perfect to help keep you on track.

-Bern K. Prince

Both these videos are for comedy purposes only….you have been warned…..






01 Oct
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Hey Athletes, Bloggers, and Paleo Challenge Participants,


My Coworker and Friend has started her very own Blog called Somefashionsomefitness.  Its a collection of all things Sweaty & Stylish.  Page will also be leading the Happy Hour This Thursday October 2nd from 6pm to 8pm at The Lincoln in South Boston.   You can swing by and chat with her about her blog, about fashion, and about how to still have a good time while eating Paleo because just like most of you she is doing the Paleo Challenge as well.


Friday October 17th will be the First ever Reebok Crossfit BackBay KettleBall.  The Ball will take place at 209 Columbus Ave from 730 to 930pm.  At 930pm on the nose we will move to a bar (details are still being worked out on which place) and have the rest of the night to mingle.  The rules of The KettleBall are simple.  It’s a Black Tie preferred affair , so Tuxedos, 3piece Suits, and Sports Coats for Men, and Ladies, formal dresses, heels, fur shawls, and gaudy jewelry.   We have already confirmed Tito’s Vodka as a sponsor (So there will be adult beverages) and we are looking for more sponsors, preferably of food and beverage.   We are looking to make this as organized as possible so there will be RSVP lists and we are asking everyone to show up on time (Barrows, I know you like to make an entrance haha).

-Bern K. Prince

I would like to introduce you to the Dark Knight’s greatest nemesis….. Bane Cat!!!!!!!!







25 Sep
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Hey Athletes, Socialites, Competitors, and Superheroes……

Mark your calendars because Friday October 17th will be the 1st ever Reebok Crossfit Backbay KETTLE BALL.  A black tie affair not to be missed.

The fall not only brings formals but competitions.  This Sunday September 28th at Crossfit Torque in Foxboro we have 5 teams from the gym competing in the #Torque Nation Devastation.   Good luck to Danielle Martin, Cass, Finn, Cam, Sam Axon, Jacky Goode, Marco. FJ. Jenna Sherm, and Whitney Kemp (If I missed someone please leave a comment) and we encourage people to go to Foxboro and cheer them on.  I know some people are looking for rides and offering rides so email me so I can get some type of car pool going.

Since we have opened the gym we have posted about several charities with a positive response to all of them.

This Sunday I will be doing the 2014 Walk to End Alzheimers.  The Lovely Mrs. Prince (Mi Madre) has Alzheimer’s and I’m not posting this for sympathy I am posting to let you know if you want to donate to the walk big or small click here, and I am also posting that in the future I might do some more fundraiser to help Alzheimers because I am biased towards this disease.


On Friday at 7pm at 209 Columbus Ave one of the WODs will be …

Smokey And The Bandit

75 Toes To Bar

Every Minute on the minute 5 Wall Balls

-Bern K. Prince


“When planning to take over an Island, the 1st thing you do is burn down all the ships so that way there is no chance for retreating for YOU or your enemy.” Mark Cuban




This Video is because I love Samuel Jackson





17 Sep

Hey Athletes,

The WODs This Friday September 19th at 209 Columbus Ave will be all of the WODs from the Beantown Throwdown this weekend.  Get a team of 3 or I will assign them on Friday, come down and WOD.  One of the WODs will be…..


3 Rounds:
10 Overhead/Front Squats, 115#
15 Chest-to-Bar/Pull-ups
50 Double-unders
*12 minute cap

Each athlete begins at a different station, and cannot move onto the next until all members of the team have completed their task. The flow of the workout is from squats, to pull-ups, to double-unders, and may not be altered. Each member of the team will perform each task 3 times.  The score is total time for all 3 athletes to complete 3 full rotations.

  After words there will be a social at 209 Columbus from 8 to 856pm (I have to be precise on time Cam)   At 8 56pm we will be heading over to RattleSnake at 384 Boylston St (Big Donn!  Holla at Alan for me).

  On Sunday, September 21st, starting at 9am we will have 3 teams competing in the  Beantown Throwdown   at Crossfit Fenway.  It’s a special competition for us because its the 1st competition we did as a gym.  It’s special because it’s Lauren’s 1st comp since the birth of her child, it’s the 1st comp since the regionals that Taylor, Justin, and Angelo will be in together.  It’s special because we want and asking for all of you to show up, be rowdy, be loud, in the famous words of Tom Brady “get lubed up”  and represent the gym.  If you are new to the gym come take part in the weekend and if you’ve been a member for awhile come by all weekend and hang out.

- Bern K. Prince

“Don’t care whose at the top of the stairs I’m stepping up.” Lil Wayne

11 Sep

Hey Athletes and Socialites,




We have so many events in the next few weeks.  Our first Social happens Friday September 19th after our regular competition class at 209 Columbus Ave.   I also want to prep everyone to go get there dry cleaning done, maybe do some shopping at Saks 5th Ave, and get your hair done because Friday October 19th we are going to have a Fall Formal.  Let all the amateurs where costumes in October, here in the Backbay we are going to get dressed up, where ties, Fancy dresses, and Red Bottom shoes (Liz Nill, I know you have Red Bottoms).

To all the College Students… Taylor, Cam, Dasha, Sutty, Kristen, Elyse, Owen (#GoOwen), shoot me an email at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com as we are trying to launch a college program and I want help an ideas.

– Bern K. Prince

What you call a hero, I call just doing my job.” FireFighter


03 Sep
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Hey Athletes,

September is here and we have plenty of events.  What events are happening you ask, well I’m here to tell you.  We have our 1st of hopefully many successful social gatherings this Thursday September 4th at Red Lantern from 6pm to 8pm.  Our next Friday night Social will be September 19th right after competition class.  On Sunday September 21st we have 3 teams competing at Crossfit Fenway’s Beantown Throwdown so we want as many people as possible in Fenway cheering on all 3 teams.  We recently had a meeting and realized as our gym grows so does the level of competition so we believe you like what you see.




28 Aug
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Hey Athletes, Superheroes, and Fitness Enthusiasts…..

The WOD on Friday at 7pm, August 29th, at 209 Columbus Ave will be…


8 rounds for time

6 CTB Pull ups
7 Power Cleans (155/105)
5 Shoulder To Overhead (155/105)
30 Double Unders
9 Burpees

If you figured out the musical reference, Monica will literally be you friend and Thunder buddy for life.

-Bern K. Prince




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20 Aug
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Hey Athletes, Superheroes, Heroine, and SuperVillians…

So a reporter interviewed a successful entrepreneur named Joel Seanoa and the reporter asked Joel, who were your role models growing up, or who were the superheroes you looked up to as a kid?  Joel shot the reporter a crooked look and said, “My parents were my role models.  My parents told me not to believe in the superheroes I saw on TV.  My parents always said Create your own Superhero!”


-Bern K. Prince





Boston Iron Athlete Lindy Barber






06 Aug
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Hey Athletes,

Everyone in the community made Saturday a smashing success and probably one of the most fun days I have had at the gym….

Click here to see all the pics.  Big shout to Chris and GameFace Media


#ninjaskills #hookgrip #whatdoespvcstandfor???


#letsgoLemoine!!!!! #TeamJessa #BostonIron


#Whatsthewodagain???? #someonegetDalyakillcliff




#burgersandbarbells #america

#burgersandbarbells #america

The Bear #bearsispimpstoo

The Bear #bearsispimpstoo





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