Team Back Bay CrossFit Games Update: The Final Day

The final day of Team Back Bay’s appearance at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games went out with a bang. As the members of the Team Back Bay cheering squad yelled their hearts out and Team Back Bay members carried their teammates (literally) to the finish line, an incredible season for Team Back Bay came to an end. IMG_9427.JPG 2
The day started off like any other and ended with Team Back Bay becoming the 11th fittest team on earth, and continuing the legacy for the Reebok CrossFit Back Bay name. At 11:45am, Team Back Bay ran onto the field and completed 3 rounds of 250m partner carry and 18 burpees over 50 inch hay bales. The athletes were given a chance one last time to show their exceptional work capacity to the world as they sprinted around the stadium and jumped over towering bales of hay. The workout ended with an emotional finish as Tola leaped over the bales and sprinted into the finish to bring Team Back Bay’s second CrossFit Games appearance to an incredible end. IMG_4822.JPG
And so, just like that, 5 months later, the CrossFit Games season comes to an end. From the Open, to Regionals, and lastly the Games, Team Back Bay would like to thank every single member in the RCFBB and CrossFit Fenway communities who offered their unwavering support over the past 5 months. A season that began back in March with Friday night lights, where members gave up 5 Fridays to come in, workout, and cheer and support their fellow Team Back Bay members, and continued with regionals, where the Back Bay cheering squad made the 6 hour round trip to Albany to scream their hearts out for Back Bay to become the number one seed in the world. IMG_0083.PNGFinally, ending with an incredible appearance in Madison, Wisconsin where Team Back Bay and their cheering squad proved once and for all that Back Bay and Fenway make up one of the most passionate and incredible communities in CrossFit. So to our incredible community, we say thank you for these past 5 months from Friday Night Lights to representing us in your #hulksmash shirts both at home and in Madison. There is no comparison, nor enough thanks to give for the incredible support from both communities.
Another massive thank you also needs to be sent the way of Team Back Bay’s sponsors. From food to recovery, this season wouldn’t have been made possible without them. To Whoop for maximizing Team Back Bay’s knowledge about their recovery, to Paleo Power Meals for fueling them with the right nutrition, and New Balance for providing them with the right gear they needed to train. The list goes on and on, so be sure to check out the bottom of this post for links to see how you can train and recover like Team Back Bay with all their incredible sponsors.

Photo By Sezza Gore

And finally, to the man who made this all possible, the fearless leader of Team Back Bay who lead this incredible team to yet another Games appearance and a finish just outside the top ten, Josh Plosker, who has created and sustained the Back Bay legacy, which will thrive for years to come.

Special thanks also goes out to Erika Pearson and Sezza Gore for their pictures and videos throughout the weekend so we could keep you all updated on Team Back Bay, as well as the entire cheering squad who flew and drove to Madison, Wisconsin to support Team Back Bay.

While the Games may be over, this is hardly the end of the Back Bay legacy, in fact, it’s just the beginning. Be sure to stay updated with Team Back Bay as they charge headfirst into the 2018 season by following @teambackbay on Instagram and Liking them on Facebook! 2017 was just the start. Happy CrossFit Games season everyone! Here’s to an incredible 2018.

Team Back Bay Sponsors 2018

New Balance: (@newbalanceboston)
WHOOP!: (@whoop)
Paleo Power Meals: (@paleopowermeals)
Firefly Recovery: (@fireflyrecovery)
Xendurance: (@xendurance)
Mike and Patty’s: (@mikeandpattys)


Team Back Bay CrossFit Games Update: Day 3

Day 3 began with a push-pull event, the drag and drive event with the Big Bob sled. The team then moved into the couple couplet events, where a push from the athletes on Team Back Bay allowed them to take 10th place overall in the event, as they completed  16-20-24 synchro bar muscle-ups and 50 GHD sit-ups. Then, 2 rounds of: 15/10-cal. Assault Bike and 8-10-12 reps of partner deadlifts.

Team Back Bay then finished out the day with one of their strongest events in the worm rotation, taking a 4th place finish overall!

Photo by Sezza Gore

Photo by Sezza Gore

We’re excited to watch what goes down as they go into their final day at the CrossFit Games. We can’t thank all the members enough for all their support this past weekend as they cheered on and supported Team Back Bay in this incredible journey through the CrossFit Games.

Today, Team Back Bay will take on their final events starting at 11:45am this morning. Be sure to stop by St. James to join coach Bern for a viewing party, BYOS (bring your own snacks) starting at 11:45am this morning. Team Back Bay will take on their final event of the day at 4:30pm, so be sure to tune in to the CBS sports livestream.




Team Back Bay CrossFit Games Update Day 2

Photo by Sezza Gore

Photo by Sezza Gore

Team Back Bay Update Day 2

Another successful day for Team Back Bay as they finish day two in 8th place. The day started out on the obstacle course, and though the weather wasn’t perfect, that didn’t stop Team Back Bay from smashing through the obstacles to take a second place finish overall in the event just seconds behind 12 Labours CrossFit!

Photo By Sezza Gore

Photo By Sezza Gore

The day continued in the Coliseum where the men and women took the floor to establish a one rep max clean and jerk. The event started with the men where Tola shone with his strength, with an easy power clean to push jerk to lead the men to a 5th place overall finish in the event with a grand total of 996 pounds lifted! the women stepped up next to lift a grand total of 591 pounds, enough to move them into 5th place overall!

Photo by Sezza Gore

Photo by Sezza Gore

The day finished out with a spicy row-worm workout, which allowed Team Back Bay to finish the day in 8th place overall.

Want to keep up with all the Team Back Bay action? Be sure to tune into the livestream on CBS sports all day tomorrow! Then, be sure to follow @crossfitgames, @rcfbb, and @teambackbay on Instagram for updates all day!


Tomorrow’s Schedule:
8am: TBA at North Park
2:30pm: TBA at Coliseum
4:25pm: TBA at Coliseum



The Burpees!!!

Hi Athletes, Free Spirits, and Dreamers…..

We cordially invite everyone to The Inaugural Back Bay/Fenway Award Show called “The Burpees”.   This will take place Friday August 25th 2017 from 8pm to 9pm at 209 Columbus Ave.  Please stay tuned as categories, nominees, and itinerary for the night will be announced through the website and social media.

We are also pleased to announce the 1st 3 Nominees for the category of Most Dedicated Members  are……

Sam Axon

Sezza Gore

Lucas Caretta


-Bern K. Prince


Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.”


Entrepreneur Networking Night 7-14-17

Hey Entrepreneurs………..

Friday July 14th, at 7pm, our very own Jessa Lemoine will be hosting an “Entrepreneur Networking Night” at 209 Columbus ave from 7pm to 830pm.   We encourage any type of Entrepreneur, a person running a start up, a small business owner, photographer ( Hi Katie Pietrowski), or any other person looking to expand their network.

“Hey Bernsie, my name is Charlie and  I run a small pharmaceutical that specializes in the sale of THC and we were wondering if….”   Hold On! Hold On!   Sorry Charlie,  Jessa is running this show so no.

We as a staff strongly encourage everyone to show, bring a beverage, bring some food, and be ready to network.  Any questions email


-Bern K. Prince

“I don’t make songs for free I make songs for freedom.”

-Chance The Rapper




17.2 First Look

With the CrossFit Open 17.2 workout underway and Back Bay running our Open heats tonight, we want to provide all of you with some technical advice and strategy from our coaching staff as you approach your workout.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

2 rounds of:
50-ft. front rack weighted walking lunge
16 toes-to-bars (hanging knee raises scaled)
8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
50-ft. front rack weighted walking lunge
16 bar muscle-ups (pull-ups scaled)
8 power cleans
Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Men use 50-lb. dumbbells (35-lb. scaled)

Women use 35-lb. dumbbells (20-lb. scaled)


Advice from Coach Jessa

“Pace Your Bar Work”

This workout is very grip intensive. Dumbbell work followed by high reps on the pull-up bar will lead to your grip and forearms fatiguing quickly. Break up your Toes To Bar (or hanging knee raises) into smaller groups than you normally would during a WOD. If you can usually string together 6-8 reps at a time, hop off the bar after 5 today. Take a quick second to shake out your arms before jumping back to the bar. These will add up quickly further into the 12 minutes.


Advice from Coach Gino

“Choose your Front Rack Position”

Know where you will rack your dumbbells before you start the workout, and use your warm-up to test a few different options. The key is finding a racking position that makes your body bear the load of the dumbbells and not your arms. Try out a position that leaves the dumbbells as far behind you as possible so that it is a back-rack position. Another option is with the head of the dumbbell resting vertically on your shoulders. Just know your plan before you begin the workout.


Advice from Coach Chase

“Rx beats Scaled”

Many people will be scared away from the Rx version of this workout today if they don’t have muscle ups or if that isn’t a strong movement for them. However, keep in mind that completing the first 2 rounds of the workout Rx and completing NO muscle ups will still give you a better score than completing an infinite number of scaled rounds with pull-ups. If muscle-ups are a weakness for you, the best possible strategy is to sprint to the end of the second round of power cleans. Your time here will be your tiebreaker if you are unable to complete any muscle-ups. Spend the remainder of your time attempting muscle-ups and, who knows, you may just get your first one tonight!


The CrossFit Open at Back Bay

2 minute read

The 2017 CrossFit Open is upon us. This time of year is always an exciting one for the Back Bay family and we want you to be a part of it with us.



The CrossFit Open is a 5-week series of workouts where everyone is welcome to register and participate.

The workouts have both Rx and scaled versions, and are not only challenging, but also a lot of fun.

The Open is not simply about competing, but it is about joining the CrossFit community on a global level in the celebration of fitness.

For more information and to register please click here:

Affiliate Name: Reebok CrossFit Back Bay

Team Name: Reebok CrossFit Back Bay

**Additional Note**

If you haven’t already, please login to your CrossFit profile and select Reebok CrossFit Back Bay as your TEAM in addition to your affiliate. If you have not listed Reebok CrossFit Back Bay as your team, you will not be able to score for the gym!


IMG_8568 Photo by Katie Pietrowski


The Open is unique because CrossFit is the only sport where non-professionals will do the exact same workout as the professionals.

You will regret it if you don’t! Once it starts and you see the intensity level that people bring you will be hooked and left feeling excited for the next workout.

It’s FUN. There is nothing quite like the energy in the gym during the Open workouts. Everyone cheers each other on and there is always talk of strategy in tackling the next workout.

Why not? Be open to exploring the best you have to offer right now, in this moment. More often than not, you’ll surprise yourself. We promise.



Open 1: Friday, February 24th

Open 2: Friday, March 3rd

Open 3: Friday, March 10th

Open 4: Friday, March 17th

Open 5: Friday, March 24th



3:00pm – 9:00pm

Workouts will be set up in heats

We will be conducting heats from 3pm – 9m each Friday for the next 5 weeks. Please email Cam at and specify your preferred timeframe for a heat. Please specify if you would like to do the same heat time throughout all 5 weeks and you will get placement first.

You will be notified with a link on Friday morning to the roster of your specific heat time – so you will be prepared for the first workout.

We invite all members to participate or cheer on your fellow members each Friday night. There will have vendors, snacks, beverages and more. Please come and support your Back Bay family.


Girls Do Big Things at Girls Gone Rx

5 minute read

This past weekend was a highlight of the winter at our sister gym CrossFit Fenway, where teams from all around the greater Boston area competed in the Girls Gone Rx Boston competition. PRs were broken, prizes were won, and money was raised, all in the effort to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and make a contribution to the Bright Pink charity.

This all-female competition consisted of three person teams and a total of 19 teams participated. The CrossFit Fenway coaches made use of every inch of the gym and split the events into four heats in order to accommodate such high interest from this competitive group of women in Boston.

“Girls Gone Rx has provided an amazing platform for women and CrossFit,” said Molly Abgarian, Manager of CrossFit Fenway. “It was an honor to host this collaboration with them this past weekend.”

“Not only did this competition give athletes a healthy, supportive and safe atmosphere to compete in, but we also raised over $10,000 to help educate women about early detection of breast and ovarian cancer,” added Abgarian.

girls gone rx photo 1

One of our Reebok CrossFit Back Bay members, Chuhan Zhou, loved how the event gave her an opportunity to push hard while bonding with her fellow teammates. “It is a truly empowering experience to be in an all girls competition and to have only women on my team,” said Zhou. “We supported one another and carried it throughout the morning of competition.”

One of the more unique aspects of the event was the wide range of experience amongst the competitors. For many, this was their first CrossFit competition, while others used the competition as an opportunity to tune up for the CrossFit Open and test their fitness progress. The finishing order came down to the results of the final event, a synchronized workout made up primarily of burpees, toes-to-bar, and wall balls. The top three teams of the morning all came out of our Reebok CrossFit Back Bay gym, with CrossFit Kells and CrossFit New England rounding out the top five.

girls gone rx photo 2

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants who came to represent their local boxes and traveled from outside of Boston, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Many were represented including CrossFit Kells, CrossFit New England, CrossFit Tilt, CrossFit North Andover, CrossFit 860, CrossFit Aisling, CrossFit Blue Diamond, Vagabond CrossFit, CrossFit Route 1, Reebok CrossFit ONE, CrossFit Brutality, CrossFit 781, as well as Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and CrossFit Fenway.


The event was also made incredibly special by our vendors from BlackBird Donuts, Saloniki Greek, VoyedgeRx, FitVine Wine, Bear Grips, and MiniLuxe. Every competitor won gear from MiniLuxe, FitAid, Vayne Apparel, Nova3labs, and Fuel for Fire. Winners were awarded prizes from The Chestee, Rip Fix, Goat Tape, FitAid, Nova3Labs, VoyedgeRx, and Fashletics. Finally our amazing photos and videos were taken by Rx Photography. Thanks to all for making this day a big success!