WOD: 1-6-17

Pre WOD: 4 sets of:

2 Muscle Clean + 1 Front Squat

Add weight with each passing round

20 second Row sprint

Increase effort each round

in 12 minutes build to:

Heavy Clean

10 rounds of 1 Clean at 60% of above load every 30 seconds

WOD: For time:

50 Double KB Front Squats

4 minute time limit

Rest 2 minutes

For time:

25 Burpees
25 Cal Row
25 Burpees

8 minute time limit




In two weeks, Coach Bern will be hosting a winter social at our 209 Columbus location. This is a great time to intermingle with fellow crossfitters and have a great time without having to do any burpees. Come one and come all. BYOB and maybe some food! You might end up dancing the night away!

It’s happened before,





WOD: 1-5-17

Pre WOD: 3 sets of:

2 Skin the Cat
5 Plate Bat Wing Hold
5 Ring Fall Outs (each side)
30 second KB side T Planks (each side)

3 sets of:

12 DB Close Grip Bench Press
6 – 8 Ext. Rotations @31×1
4 Strict Dips

WOD: EMOTM for 20 minutes:

Minute 1: 2 sets of 20 Unbroken Double Unders
Minute 2: 10 Hand Release Push Ups
Minute 3: 30 second FLR
Minute 4: 2 Muscle Ups / 6 Strict Pull Ups



The holidays are over. The new year resolutions have already been disputed. The days have started to get longer.

For those of you who are flourishing amidst the rain and the cold, the best is yet to come.

For those of you who are counting down the days (not like myself), cheer up. So far the winter has bee mild!

Not to jinx it or anything,




WOD: 1-4-17

Pre WOD: 3 rounds not for time of:

25M Bottom Up KB Carry per side
5 Wall Slides
5 Thoracic Angel Stretches
20 second Hollow Hold
5 1/2 Kneeling T Spine Rotations per side

5 sets of:

5 Barbell Strict Press @ 31×1

2 sets of:

10 Single Arm DB Upright Row @ 2×12
10 Single Arm Ring Rows

Rest 30 seconds

WOD:  For time:

10 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Toes to Bar
10 Over the Bar Burpees

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat twice more in mixed order:

Round 2: T2B, Burpee, STOH
Round 3: Burpee, STOH, T2B


Congratulations buddy…

Not only is this stud getting married in two days, but he is also heading out to CO to open up his own gym. I just want to take a moment to tell you just how much fun it’s been to coach alongside you. The general shenanigans and also the very specific ones. Getting cleaned up with Cheeba kisses. Talking about important things (jk lol). Most importantly, sharing our passions for health and fitness. It has been wonderful. You’re the man!

You will be missed,




WOD: 1-3-17

Pre WOD:

5 KB Windmills per side

3 sets of:

10 Barbell RDL @2121

EMOTM for 6 minutes:

40 second FC for max distance
30 second AMRAP of Max Effort BJSD

WOD: 2 rounds for time of:

40 Wall Balls
30 Alternating DB Snatches
30 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 Pull Ups


Someone sent me something,

I am sure you have seen it already, but if you have not, this is adorable. The oldest survivor from Pearl Harbor got himself into shape and the spry age of 104!  Click here for the feel-good video and schedule your next class ASAP.

No excuses,




WOD: 1-2-17

Pre WOD: 3 rounds not for time of:

25M Bottom Up KB Carry per side
5 Wall Slides
5 Thoracic Angel Stretches
20 second Hollow Hold
5 1/2 Kneeling T Spine Rotations per side

3 sets of:

10 Barbell Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Lunges @32×1

Rest 30 seconds between legs

WOD:  8 min AMRAP of:

150M Row
8 DB/KB Hang Clean
8 DB/KB Front Rack Lunges

Post WOD: Mid line work:

2×10 Paloff Band Press


Winter Schedule…

Even though the next two months are the most fun out of the year, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay is packing a ton of events in to make it seem like we aren’t all hating the weather (except for me…I am loving this!).

  • January 20th – Winter Social at RCFBB 
  • January 21st -Competitors Throwdown
  • January 28th – Weightlifting Clinic 
  • Girls Gone RX – February 11th

More details on each of those things later on, but for now, mark them on your calendars!Jolly good times,