30 Sep
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29 Sep
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Pre WOD: 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off for 15 minutes:

3 Deadlifts
3 Handstand Push Ups

WOD: 6 min AMRAP of:

10-1 reps of:

Pull Ups
Wall Balls (20/14)

After you finish the reps, the Double Under AMRAP begins


Chapter 2:  The opposite of deliverance…

Lacking one of the three major components in a triathlon can leave you in a bind because each component of the race has its own advantages and disadvantages.  For example:  the swim requires that you have a life-saving skill at your disposal, but it’s the first part of the race.  The strong swimmer won’t be hindered by it especially in a shorter distance.  The weak swimmer will certainly have troubles, but can stay in the back of the pack and pace themselves accordingly.  For the running segment, can be walked if need be, but you race isn’t going to get any shorter or more fun.  However, running is something that requires no assistance (for most people) and comes naturally after walking.  For the bike portion, there is neither salvation nor advantages.

You and this two-wheeled machine are in a constant grudge match about what needs to be accomplished.  You want to move forward and the bike is doing everything it can to prevent you from doing so.  As you approach the downhill parts of the course (also known as those things you will constantly wish for), the bike demands that you ride it instead of resting.  The portions of the race that are uphill (also known as the entire length of the course) will have the bike is anthropomorphically laughing as you struggle.  The bike acts like a tool in the same way that your roommates handle dirty dishes, they both hope someone else does all the work.

As far as the things you cannot control, it would be best to acquaint yourself with the word “left” in every single language possible.  As per racing law, you need to pass someone on the left and as a courtesy you make them aware of it by uttering “left”/feel bad for them as you pass them.  Some people will say it as they struggle by you.  Some people won’t say it simply because they are moving fast enough to make it seem like you are standing still.  Either way, do not try to keep count of how many times you hear it.  After the first few dozen, it gets hard to keep up.

At this point you may wonder how is it that this person, who started in your swim wave, is just now passing you.  What in the world took these people so long that only now they have caught up.  They must suck at swimming!  These are normal and natural thoughts, but they are certainly wrong.  These people don’t suck at swimming.  You, my friend, suck at biking…big time.

Final chapter tomorrow,




28 Sep

Hey Athletes,

The time is now to sign up for the Internal Throwdown October 31st

Click here to register.  Please put FULL NAME and Email.  From there you have until October 9th, 2015 at 9 59 pm to sign up.



Just in case you guys forget the comp is open to all members and all skill levels.  One of the WODs are…..



20 Calorie Row
20 Barbell Reps (75#)
20 MedBall Reps (20#)
20 Pull-Ups
This workout is done relay style. Starting with Athlete 1, each team member will complete 20 reps at each station before moving to the next.
The Barbell, MedBall, and Pull-Up movement will vary between athletes (as seen below).
At the call of 3-2-1 Go, Athlete 1 rows 20 calories. Tag Athlete 2 on completion, who does the same, and tags Athlete 3. Continue pattern:
Barbell Station (75lb)
Athlete 1 – Deadlifts              Athlete 2 – Power Cleans          Athlete 3 – Power Snatches
Medball Station (20lb)
Athlete 1 – MedBall Front Squats            Athlete 2 – MedBall Thrusters         Athlete 3 – WallBall Shots to a 10′ Target
Pull-Up Station
Athlete 1 – Jumping Pull-Ups           Athlete 2 – Chin over Pull-Ups       Athlete 3 – Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups
Score is total rounds, plus reps, the team completes in the 15 minute AMRAP.
 – Bern K. Prince

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