29 Aug
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Team WOD: For time: 2 rounds of:

30 Front Squats VS 200M Row
30 Shoulder to Overhead VS 200M Row
30 Back Squats VS 200M Row
30 Thrusters VS 200M Row

Each person has to do everything.

Select your own weights.


The rules…

One athlete has the barbell
One athlete has the rower
Those athletes try and complete their tasks as quickly as possible
It’s two rounds so that everyone does everything
You can rest as needed between challenges
You can change weights between the different barbell movements

Good luck,





28 Aug
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Team WOD: For time:

21 Thrusters (95/65) (each)
21 Pull Ups (each)

Isabel: 30 Power Snatch (135/95)

15 Thrusters (95/65) (each)
15 Pull Ups (each)

Grace: 30 Power Clean and Jerk (135/95)

9 Thrusters (95/65) (each)
9 Pull Ups (each)


RCFBB Summer Social…

Where:  Lawn on the D
When:  3 – 6 PM
Who:  You and your RCFBB peeps
Why:  Because the paleo challenge starts soon

That’s a  pretty good reason why,




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27 Aug
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Pre WOD: 12 min AMRAP of:

5 Shoulder Press
5 Ring Dips
10 Push Press
10 Hanging Shoulder Blade Retractions
30 second High Plank Hold

Press and Push Press happen at the same load and should be increased after each completed round

WOD:  August Baseline 2015 Remix: For time:

1 min AMRAP of:

5 Burpees then Back Squat (115/75) AMRAP

Rest 30 seconds

1 min AMRAP of:

5 Burpees Front Squat (115/75) AMRAP

Rest 30 seconds

Continue until you reach 110 reps


Now I know what you are thinking…

What could be better than doing a ton of Burpees?  What could be better than adding a bunch of Front Squats and Back Squats to them?  What could possibly be better than doing those things with some anxiety-inducing speed as you race against the clock?  The answer:  Almost anything.  Almost anything is going to be better than doing today’s workout.  Almost anything will be more relaxing and joyous than today’s WOD.  Almost anything will let you enjoy your summer without walking funny.

Lucky for me you guys are up for almost anything,



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