15 Oct
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Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

I’ve had talks with other crossfitters and I have done some research and I am here to tell you… The Music matters.  Don’t get me wrong, the tunes won’t cut seconds of your Grace time our add pounds to your Front Squat but tunes are a huge part of what we do.   The new Drake CD Nothing Was The Same ( Big Donn, its a classic ) gets me ready to Coach, Nicky Romero’s Toulhouse gets me ready for a metcon, and anything for Jay-Z gets me ready to lift.

Speaking of music one of our longtime members Jonathon Sheffi has someting to say.  I will let him say it in his own words…
For folks looking for something to do on Friday night, my semipro a cappella group, Redline, is opening for Cluster at Emmanuel College. Show at 9pm. Tickets are $15 ($10 w/ student ID).

For info click this link

For tickets to the event click this link


-bern K. Prince


Ryan Bingham: You know why kids love athletes?

Bob: Because they date lingerie models.

Ryan Bingham: No, that’s why we love athletes. Kids love them because they follow their dreams.” George Clooney from the Movie Up in The Air


This Video shows that anyone at any age can love music.



14 Oct
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Skill:  20 mins to practice:

Muscle Ups:

20 second Hang Hold
6 Hang Hold Pull Ups
10 transitions on low rings
10 Ring Dips

Toes to Bar:

30 second Hollow Hold on cage
15 Knee Raises
10 Alternating Leg Raises (10 on each leg)


10 Air Squats with feet together
10 Pistols to object (box/ball…) (5 each leg…alternating)
20 Pistols to object with weight (KB or DB)(10 each leg…consecutively)

Pick one skill and work for 10 minutes. If you’d like, feel free to work the same skill for all 20 minutes

Skill:  20 mins to practice:

This complex:

Power Clean
Front Squat

Work up to 185/115 and aim to get PERECT reps. Reps that are not PERFECT do not count.


Work up to 185/115 and aim to get PERFECT reps. Reps that are not PERFECT do not count.

For either one, only increase weights once you can perform the lift(s) perfectly well.  Consider this another skill session, just like the gymnastics one.


Let’s start from the top…

From the three options, please select the skill(s) on which you need work.  Please keep things slow and only as intense as they need to be.  All of this moving should be deliberate and intentional…no unnecessary rushing. From the two lifts, please select the one that is most relevant to you and not the one you want to do the most.  I know we all want to be Olympic Lifting powerhouses, but if lack of flexibility and experience will deter your experience, then please stick to the technically simpler (albeit not easier) complex.

As far as your paleo tip of the day goes, do not be afraid to eat.  You have to overcome that fear / misunderstanding that if you eat too much you will gain weight.  Keep your macronutrition in check and you can pretty much eat as much as you’d like*.

*Only true if you don’t eat too much of one food,




13 Oct
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Skill:  25 mins to practice:

Muscle Ups:

2 rounds:

4 x 20 second Hang Hold 4 x 6 Hang Hold Pull Ups 4 x 10 transitions on low rings

Handstand Push Ups:

2 rounds of:

4 x 1:00 Handstand Hold 4 x 15 Push Ups 4 x 40 Wall Runs

Double Unders:

25 mins of practice

For the rest of class practice this:

Deadlifts (185/115)

Hang Power Clean (185/115)

Push Jerk (185/115)

Try to get at least 30 reps of each.


Notice any changes?…

This whole week we will be practicing skills and exposing ourselves to some of the more difficult movements or heavier loads but at a much slower pace.  A funny thing occurs once the clock has counted down and the time has started.  Today is the first opportunity to focus on what you are doing versus how fast you are doing it.  Please take your new found strength for a trip and enjoy how good it feels when you lift and move correctly.  As far as the paleo challenge goes, it is Monday again, so put those scores up!!!  Enjoy Monday as much as I’m enjoying this fire drill…

At a wedding,



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