12 Nov
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All photo credits go to Evan Saint Clair and Colin Gould.  Thank you guys!!!!!!

Strength L1:  20 mins for max load:

10 Thrusters

Strength L2:  20 mins to find max load:

3 Hang Squat Snatch

WOD L1:  For time:

60 Thrusters (95/65)

Every time a set is broken up, the athlete has to do 6 Burpees

WOD L2:  For time:

30 Snatches (135/95)

Only consecutive reps count.  This means that if you do a single rep, it does not count.  This means that the minimum number in a set has to be at least 2 unbroken reps in order to count.


Catch the full recap here, but otherwise, read on playa…

Member Wes B. placed 66th.  He got robbed in one workout, but still worked very hard.
Member Ben E. placed 41st.  He placed as high as third in one of the workouts.
Member Chris L. placed 8th overall in the scaled division.  He placed as high as fifth in one of the workouts.
Coach Lauren finished in 9th place making it all the way until the final event.  She placed as high as fifth in one of the workouts.
Coach Josh finished 11th place overall.  He placed as high as eighth in on the workouts.
Coach Brendan placed fifth overall making it all the way until the final event.  He placed as second in one of the workouts.
Coach Justin tied for seventh place overall making it all the way until the last part of the final event.  He placed as high as second in one of the workouts.

Obviously this quick recap does no justice to the all of the athletes and their efforts.  This was a great competition that included one of the coolest workout formats seen in a competition.  If you did not get a chance to watch, you certainly missed a good time.  Be sure to ditch all of your plans/wife/husband/kids/other random responsibilities the next one of these come up.

I tip my hat to all of our competing athletes and all of their hard work,



11 Nov
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Strength L1:  20 mins to find max load:

10 Push Press

Strength L2:  20 mins to find max load:

3 Power Cleans
3 Shoulder to Overhead

WOD L1:  For time:

100 Burpee Jumping Pull Ups

WOD L2:  For time:

100 Burpee Pull Ups

The use of bands is not allowed at all today.


Okay, let’s do a negativity sandwich.  Something negative followed by something adorable…

You can show up to the gym in the same fashion that you just show up to the doctor’s office.


If you have a friend that would enjoy this, please refer him/her to a free trial session and not just the workout of the day.


If you decide to just show up and take a class, but have not signed up, your WOD is 150 Burpees.


We sincerely appreciate your fanatic obsession with health and fitness.  All we ask is that you give us the  platform to deliver the best experience we can.


I am glad we all got through that okay.  Please note that we only say this so that we can give you the best kind of love possible.  With that said, tomorrow we will show some love to the athletes that competed this past weekend. Stay tuned for a write up on that tomorrow.  Please email me any pics you guys may have.

Next time we stay in,




10 Nov
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Team WOD:  “Jack”:  20 min AMRAP of:

10 Push Press (115/75)
10 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Partners switch after every round.


The Associated Press

Jack M. Martin III dreamed of working as an educator or finding another way to help people when his time in the military ended, his family said.  The 26-year-old from Bethany, Okla., was helping to resupply a school construction project in the Philippines when he was killed Sept. 29 by a bomb buried beneath a road on Jolo Island. Military officials said he was part of a task force deployed to help quell militants there.  Martin, the youngest of five children, was born in Iowa and grew up there and in Oklahoma. He played football and was an honors student at Bethany High School, graduating in 2001.  He started out in the Army Reserve before studying at the University of Central Oklahoma, said his father, Jack Martin Jr., adding that his son was in basic training during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.  The younger Martin had volunteered to go to Iraq, and when that deployment was canceled, he met with a recruiter looking for special forces volunteers and became a Green Beret. He was assigned to Fort Lewis.  “He was a very kind and loving person that was very intelligent with numbers,” his father said.  Martin’s survivors include his wife, Ashley.

RIP hero,



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