26 Dec
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Team WOD:  For time:

1 Shoulder to Overhead
1 Box Jump (24/20)
1 Toes to Bar (or 2 Hanging Knee Raise)

2 Shoulder to Overhead
2 Box Jump (24/20)
2 Toes to Bar (or 2 Hanging Knee Raise)

Continue this pattern until you reach…

10 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Box Jump (24/20)
10 Toes to Bar (or 2 Hanging Knee Raise)

One person goes, then the next.


Box 3!!!!!….

Lots of pictures have been coming your way and soon you will be able to have it all.  A few more details have to be added to the gym, but you will be doing 50 lb. Wall Balls before you know it (I am sure that makes you feels warm and fuzzy inside).  In case you cannot imagine what they feel like, imagine a 20 lb. medicine balls, except twice as heavy and then add ten pounds.

I’m a wizard with words,



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25 Dec
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WOD: 5 min AMRAP of:

30 Double Unders
10 Power Snatch ( 75/55)

Rest 2 minutes

5 min AMRAP:

15 Burpees
10 Power Snatch (135/75)

Rest 2 minutes

5 min AMRAP of:

Power Snatch (165/100)

If you cannot snatch, you can do Power Cleans at the same weight


Here we are…

The day after Christmas and things are almost back to normal.  This week will still be a little nutty with all of the post-holiday cheer that still has to be done.  For those of you who are in the strength classes, be sure to check out the homework that Coach Justin put up there.  In the mean time, start getting ready…the Opens season is almost upon us!!!!!!!!




24 Dec
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Stay strong over break


Hey strength class peeps, below is a quick list of things I would like for all of you to do at some point over the holiday. This should allow you to mentally reset while staying active and keeping your bodies healthy for the start of the next strength cycle. Feel free to email me questions at!

1) At least twice perform a double Tabata (16 total rounds of 20s on/10s off) of: Hollow holds alternating with Superman holds
2) Wall sits: do these as 5 sets of 60-90s holds with 45-60s rest
3) Pause squats with children (not kidding, use your kids or your nieces/nephews): Put child in question on your shoulders and hold a perfectly vertical squat for 10s then stand up quickly. Do this for 5 sets of 4-5 reps.
4) Accumulate 10 minutes of a front plank in as few sets as possible
5) AMRAP 7 minutes of: Burpees (Open season is right around the corner)
6) Pistol practice: Either build up to 50 on ea leg or practice your bottom position using a chair or railing for support
7) If you have access to a barbell/weights: Snatch or clean first pulls (depending on your normal class level) – with chest up/arched back, pull the barbell to the top of the knee without changing your back angle and hold for 3 seconds. Perform 5-6 sets of 3 reps with perfect position.
8) Strict press anything and everything focusing on active, stacked shoulder position and on preventing over-extension of the midline.

Going through this list or working on bits and pieces should keep you active this Holiday week and allow you to continue building the strength necessary to succeed in class. Have a wonderful holiday and I will see you all in the new year!

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