08 May
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Team WOD: 6 rounds for time of:

First 2 rounds:

400M Run (both people run)
30 Back Squats (135/95)

Second 2 rounds:

400M Run (Both people run)
20 Front Squats (135/95)

Last 2 rounds:

400M Run (Both people run)
10 Overhead Squats (135/95)


Looks familiar…

I know you think we have done this workout, but if you look again this is a complete remix.  Both people are always running each time and from there the Back / Front / Overhead Squats are split anyhow between both people.  With this ever improving weather Reebok CrossFit Back Bay is facing one pro and one con:

Pro:  Excellent running weather
Con:  More people to dodge on the runs

Lucky for you agility is one of the 10 general physical skills of CrossFitness,



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07 May
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Pre WOD: 30 minutes to work up to

Heavy Single Hang Squat Snatch

WOD: 3 rounds for time of:

10 Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat / Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)
12 Burpees



Do you feel it?  That amazing-ness.  People are smiling more.  The weather is improving.  The sun is shining brightly and the city is coming to life.  We are shaking off that thick winter coat and more than ready to get some deserved Vitamin D.  The mellow is in the air.  Enjoy it.




06 May
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Pre WOD:

Forward Roll
Tripod to Headstand

WOD: For total time:

3 rounds of:

12 Ring Rows
12 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

3 rounds of:

3 Muscle Ups
3 Thrusters (155/105)


Since I know you just asked yourself…

This is a Forward Roll.  This is a Tripod to Headstand.  Get your phones ready and pull up that Insta app.  Today is going to be the day you get some gymnastics likes.




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