09 Aug
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Pre WOD: 20 mins to find a single heavy Power Snatch

WOD: Immediately after the WOD:

3 min AMRAP of: Power Snatch (70% of your Pre WOD)

Rest 2 minutes and then

5 min AMRAP of:

6 Over the Bar Burpees
9 Toes to Bar
12 Wall Balls (20/14)

Try and beat your score from last week


Dad voice mode activated…

Please read the blogs in their entirety this week.  There is a lot of dad voice coming your way, but I promise that it’s going to be good.  Today will be the “experienced” dad voice.

All of the coaches in our staff have various certifications and thousands of coaching hours.  Together we have a few decades of experience and have seen just about everything and fixed just about every problem that has come our way.  Together, we are a practiced dream team that excels in what we do.  However, that is not on display today.  In terms of experience, I want to talk about our history with injuries.  Also, and more importantly, the fact that we have recovered from those injuries by taking the appropriate measures.  So without further ado:

Skip to * if you don’t have the time.

Coach Gino has broken 8 bones and gone through several serious ankle sprains and also some overused shoulder injuries from swimming.  Back injury while back squatting incorrectly (AND I KEPT GOING!!!….dumb-dumb).  I have also loosened the tendons and ligaments on both elbows after a weight lifting accident.  All of this was remedied by A LOT of stability work and A LOT of massage therapy.

Coach Jessa suffered a career-ending injury when she got a stress fracture in her L4 vertebrae, which “taught me to NEVER ignore an injury again”.  She also had a left knee meniscus tear that healed itself after by paying close attention and doing specific strength training exercises.  She’s had spinal instability in her lumbar curve that prevented her from doing just about anything.  Got over that by resting for a few months and doing very specific core strengthening physical therapy exercises.  Currently managing a bone bruise in her knee and working with Dr. Green and Dr. Hendricks to improve bloodflow to the area.
Coach Angelo was in a motorcycle accident that crushed one of his hands and has permanently affected the way he grabs anything.  Managed it with some serious physical therapy.  Recently, he tore a muscle completely off his hip while doing a Push Jerk and went through a few surgeries / months of physical therapy for it.
Coach Justin also had a career-ending injury in wrestling when he had a 6-inch dislocation of his pelvis which resulted in muscle tears along his left back side adjacent to his spine.  This was also re-injured (tore some muscles in his back) while doing some deadlifts and not paying attention for a split second.  He recovered slowly with core stability exercises.  Recently, he suffered a bone bruise in his wrist from having his elbows too low in a front squat and hitting his knee with them…”When we say keep your elbows up on thrusters or you’ll break your wrists, we aren’t just saying it to hear ourselves talk.”  Tendonitis on right knee and a left hip injury that he manages by doing long and slow warm ups and following the advice of Dr. Green.
Coach Josh…where do we start.  Point at any one joint on this man and you will find an injury.  Ankle crushing injury from football that left joint damage and floating bone chips.  Both knees have had surgery and both meniscus are still torn.  Lower back and upper neck have suffered from spinal compression.  Separated left shoulder, which caused a number of other issues.  Josh keeps from turning into stone by doing constant mobility, proper strength training (squatting, deadlifting, and pressing), and some deep tissue work.
And that’s only half the staff!!!
*  The message that I am getting at is that we as a group have collected enough injuries to last a few lifetimes.  We know what it’s like to not train and not move properly because our bodies simply couldn’t.  It is a horrible feeling and something I would never want to see any of you go through.  The other message is that despite the injuries, we are all very fit and capable individuals.  We have paid the price for our injuries and came out smarter because of them.  We now train better and we guide you guys more appropriately than we otherwise could.
I want to see all of you continue training with us forever not just because you want to, but because you can!
So please, listen to us,


08 Aug
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Versus WOD: First person to get to 7 points wins

1 point = 200M Row

You must first do:

30 Wall Balls 20/14)
30 Burpees
30 Power Cleans (95/65)
30 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
30 Pull Ups

…in order to attempt the row




Blogs coming up this week.  Please read them entirely.  Just in case it feels like a lot, remember that I am doing it out of love!

See you tomorrow!


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07 Aug
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Team WOD: For time:

3000M Row

One partner rows while another partner does

4 Hang Power Clean (145/90)
6 Front Squats (145/90)
8 Shoulder to Overhead

If the barbell is ever dropped, partners switch.

You can only rest in the Front Rack position.

The partner who was rowing will pick up right where the other person left off and start over.

Post WOD: 90 second AMRAP of:

Push Ups


Lots today…

Please note that the Endurance classes will be outdoors today at the Harvard Stadium.  Bring all of the stuff you may need as it’s looking to be a party cloudy  day in the 70s.  Also, today we will be doing a 90 second AMRAP of Push Ups following the workout along with everyone participating in the

te now, click here to do so!

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