APRÈS CROSSFIT-WODs For Saturday October 29th

Hey Athletes…

WOD 1 is…

“The Great American Pumpkin”

10 Minute AMRAP

150 Wall Balls

150 Burpees

One Athlete works at a time and there is a minimum of 10 reps every time you switch any movement .  Wall Ball weight is 20lbs 14lbs and 10lbs  Each Wall ball weight has to do 50 reps





WOD 2 is….

“Chicken Parm you Taste so Good…”


7 Deadlfts

5 Power Cleans

3 Shoulder To OverHead

135lbs 95lbs 65lb


Each Athlete will have a barbell and one works at a time.  Athlete A(65lbs) does a full round then Athlete B (95lbs) does a full round then Athlete C (135lbs) does a full round and you continue this pattern until the 12 minutes is over.




Most of the teams are complete (most of you have received emails) and we are currently trying to fulfill some last minute requests.  Top 5 teams will make the final so all teams should act as if there will be a 3rd WOD.

We will be requesting emails for anyone that wants to judge Thursday (if you already emailed i will return the email Thursday)  The WODs are pretty straight forward but there is always questions and I can be reached via email or at the gym to answer.

There will be tons of prizes, vendors, and random other things so everyone should come and watch and come ready to shop because I know some coffee, seltzers, beef jerky, and various other things will be there.

The Throwdown will end at 2pm and we will probably hang out for a little bit and then at 4 59pm sharp we will be at 867 Boylston Street at The Back Bay Social Club where they have given their downstairs bar and restaurant up so we can hang out.

-Bern K. Prince