In Apres Crossfit

après (aprā′; Fr ȧ pre)

after: often used in hyphenated compounds: an après-ski party

Hey Athletes,
    This morning at 630 am, Reebok Crossfit Backbay went to Harvard Stadium to work out with the November Project.  The workout was so much fun and for many people it was their first time running the stairs.  Chad, Wilson, Megan, Colin, Jacqueline, Catalina, Brando, William, Sarah,FJ, Chris, Catalina, Mike D, Crets, Alan, Mary, Whitney, Angelo, Kaela, Holly, Erica, Josh Plosker, Allie, and The UnBrandable Katie Lynn (if I’m missing someone let me know) ran the famous Stadium stairs cheering, wearing gear from RCFBB, and laughing the entire time.  Brogan, Bojan, and the entire November Project crew, we thank you.  It was an awesome time and we will plan another invasion of the November Project soon (Chad we actually might need to rent a bus).
   Competition class tonight and 8pm will have Kettle bell work so make sure to stretch out your hamstrings.
   This Saturday Colin will be competing in a Christmas Throwdown in Conneticut.  It’s his first competition and for those who know Chad he is pretty fired up.  MyKim Dang is competing this Saturday in a powerlifting meet.  MyKim told me, “I’m competing in the New England APA Winter Classic- it’s a powerlifting competition and I’m trying to beat the American record for a back squat and deadlift in my weight class which is 105.  Fingers crossed!!! ” We don’t need to cross our fingers MyKim because we all know you’re going to smash those records.
   Friday Night Competition Class goes as follows….It will be our first 3 person team WOD!  You can make your own team and have you’re own name per example a team consisting of Krissy Rubin, Goose, and Rachelle Cruz would be TEAM HMM (Holla at your boy Krissy, Goose, and Hollywood).  3 Person team can be all women, all men, or a mix and match. The WOD consists of Overhead Squats, Pullups, and Burpees.  If you can’t find a team, no problem, still show up and I will assign teams.  This should be fun and I’m giving everyone 2 days notice so they can make teams and recruit Jessa Lesmoine (She’s really really good at Crossfit).  For those who are not working out but are showing up for the social, show up at 700pm.  I have this vision of people crushing a workout and people watching them, socializing, and cheering them on.  No matter if you are there to socialize, WOD, or both from 8pm to 9pm we hang out and mingle (email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com for details) and at 9pm sharp (Rizzo, Daisy) and this week The Brahmin Restaurant  ( Its 51 seconds away from the gym) has agreed to host our social on Friday.  They have agreed to lets us through all lines, giving us our own lounge area,  are giving us a free round of appetizers.  They serve food until 11pm for those who like to eat (Hey Wurm, the Beef Braised Short Ribs look good).  They are one of the most popular places in Boston so they do ask that Men wear shoes (so no Nanos) and I ask that everyone wears an UGLY SWEATER!  Tis the season and honestly I love ugly sweater parties so why not.  As always anyone that has step through the doors is welcome to come.
Humbly Yours
Bern K. Prince

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