Internal Throwdown Final Schedule/Heats

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08 Nov



Throwdown Schedule

NOTE: Athletes must report at 8:15am for a briefing and the reveal of the ACTUAL WODs (hehe haha if you thought the previous post was legit). Following the athlete briefing, athletes will be given time to stretch/warm-up before the first event.


9:00-9:30 EVENT 1 — WOMEN

9:30-10:10 EVENT 1 — MEN

10:10-10:30 Administrative break/transition to next event

10:30-1:30 “Floater” WOD at St. James
* 10:30-12:00pm Judge = Jessa Lemoine
* 12:00-1:30pm Judge
= Jeff Wurm

10:30-10:36 WOD 2 Females Heat 1
Lane/ Athlete /Judge

1/Danielle Martin/Taylor Short
2/Mai Nguyen/Erin Boyer
3/Anya Slavin/Alexa Walls
4/Kat McCord/Gino Leite
5/Jess Hasenplaugh/Brendan Ryan
6/Erin Kerr Brittany/Reynolds
7/Melissa D’Amato/Page Travaglini
8/N/A/Creed Mangrum

10:40-10:46 WOD 2 Females Heat 2

1/Anat Sheffi/Taylor Short
2/Whitney/Kemp Erin Boyer
3/Sam Michelmore/Alexa Walls
4/Megan Barrows/Gino Leite
5/N/A/Brendan Ryan
6/Pam Aldridge/Brittany Reynolds
7/Liz Shelburne/Page Travaglini
8/Molly Brady/Creed Mangrum

10:50-10:56 WOD 2 Females Heat 3

1/Karen Venezia/Taylor Short
2/Jenna Sherman/Erin Boyer
3/Lori Carpenter/Alexa Walls
4/Ashley Woods/Gino Leite
5/Amanda Leahy/Brendan Ryan
6/Laura Skaggs/Brittany Reynolds
7/Lori Webber/Page Travaglini
8/Kathryn Allen/Creed Mangrum

11:00-11:06 WOD 2 Males Heat 1

1/Alex Froyman/Taylor Short
2/Matt Giffune/John Fodera
3/Nate Gagnon/Cassandra Terry
4/Josh Bystock/Cam Mathison
5/Matt Bystock/Brendan Ryan
6/AJ Machnes/Andre C
7/Austin Reed/Page Travaglini
8/Matt Pisani/Creed Mangrum
9/Jon Gonthier/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:10-11:16 WOD 2 Males Heat 2

1/Jason Majane/Taylor Short
2/Wilson Velasco/John Fodera
3/Mike Gilbert/Cassandra Terry
4/Lou Somma/Cam Mathison
5/Will Carter/Brittany Reynolds
6/Travis D’Amato/Andre C
7/Derrick Rousseau/Alexa Walls
8/Jon Sheffi/Gino Leite
9/Humoud/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:20-11:26 WOD 2 Males Heat 3

1/Dan Smith/Taylor Short
2/FJ Perfas/John Fodera
3/Tim Wackenreuter/Cassandra Terry
4/Chris Ancona/Cam Mathison
5/Jon Brown/Brittany Reynolds
6/Eugene Mann/Andre C
7/Mark Neville/Alexa Walls
8/Scott Maurer/Gino Leite
9/Jon Wyss/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:30-11:36 WOD 2 Males Heat 4

1/Drew Veneziano/Taylor Short
2/Mike DeMichele/John Fodera
3/Bobby Rowley/Cassandra Terry
4/Michael Hans/Cam Mathison
5/Chad Verry/Brittany Reynolds
6/Phil Audino/Andre C
7/Garrett Baumann/Alexa Walls
8/Scott Graham/Gino Leite
9/Patrick Choi/Lauren Scheinfeldt

11:40-12:00 Lunch/administrative break/Judges switch for “floater”

12:00-12:10 WOD 3 Females Heat 1

1/Danielle Martin/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Mai Nguyen/Jacque Goode
3/Anya Slavin/Kristen McMullen
4/Kat McCord/Carter Rogan
5/Jess Hasenplaugh/Katie Murphy
6/Erin Kerr/Erin Boyer
7/Melissa D’Amato/Brendan Ryan
8/N/A/Page Travaglini

12:15-12:25 WOD 3 Females Heat 2

1/Anat Sheffi/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Whitney Kemp/Jacque Goode
3/Sam Michelmore/Kristen McMullen
4/Megan Barrows/Carter Rogan
5/N/A/Katie Murphy
6/Pam Aldridge/Erin Boyer
7/Liz Shelburne/Brendan Ryan
8/Molly Brady/Page Travaglini

12:30-12:40 WOD 3 Females Heat 3

1/Karen Venezia/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Jenna Sherman/Jacque Goode
3/Lori Carpenter/Kristen McMullen
4/Ashley Woods/Carter Rogan
5/Amanda Leahy/Katie Murphy
6/Laura Skaggs/Erin Boyer
7/Lori Webber/Brendan Ryan
8/Kathryn Allen/Page Travaglini

12:45-12:55 WOD 3 Males Heat 1

1/Alex Froyman/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Matt Giffune/Jacque Goode
3/Nate Gagnon/Kristen McMullen
4/Josh Bystock/Carter Rogan
5/Matt Bystock/Katie Murphy
6/AJ Machnes/Brittany Reynolds
7/Austin Reed/Cam Mathison
8/Matt Pisani/Jessa Lemoine
9/Jon Gonthier/Gino Leite

1:00-1:10 WOD 3 Males Heat 2
Lane Athlete Judge

1/Jason Majane/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Wilson Velasco/Jacque Goode
3/Mike Gilbert/Kristen McMullen
4/Lou Somma/Carter Rogan
5/Will Carter/Katie Murphy
6/Travis D’Amato/Brittany Reynolds
7/Derrick Rousseau/Cam Mathison
8/Jon Sheffi/Jessa Lemoine
9/Humoud/Gino Leite

1:15-1:25 WOD 3 Males Heat 3

1/Dan Smith/Dahne Yaitanes
2/FJ Perfas/Jacque Goode
3/Tim Wackenreuter/Kristen McMullen
4/Chris Ancona/Carter Rogan
5/Jon Brown/Katie Murphy
6/Eugene Mann/Brittany Reynolds
7/Mark Neville/Cam Mathison
8/Scott Maurer/Jessa Lemoine
9/Jon Wyss/Gino Leite

1:30-1:40 WOD 3 Males Heat 4

1/Drew Veneziano/Dahne Yaitanes
2/Mike DeMichele/Jacque Goode
3/Bobby Rowley/Kristen McMullen
4/Michael Hans/Carter Rogan
5/Chad Verry/Katie Murphy
6/Phil Audino/Brittany Reynolds
7/Garrett Baumann/Cam Mathison
8/Scott Graham/Jessa Lemoine
9/Patrick Choi/Gino Leite

1:40-2:15 Transition/announcement of Final WOD/announcement of Top 6 RX Male/Female


1/RX Female Rank 1/Erin Boyer
2/RX Female Rank 2/Gino Leite
3/RX Female Rank 3/Lauren Scheinfeldt
4/RX Female Rank 4/Jeff Wurm
5/RX Female Rank 5/Carter Rogan
6/RX Female Rank 6/Page Travaglini

2:43-3:00 FINAL WOD – MALES

1/RX Male Rank 1/Erin Boyer
2/RX Male Rank 2/Gino Leite
3/RX Male Rank 3/Lauren Scheinfeldt
4/RX Male Rank 4/Jeff Wurm
5/RX Male Rank 5/Carter Rogan
6/RX Male Rank 6/Page Travaglini

3:00 Announcement of podium finishers, awarding of medals, beginning of Tasty Burger BBQ

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