Nov 9th Throwdown WODs Released!

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07 Nov



Throwdown WODs

NOTE: These WODs are NOT real. The fact that I have to post this comment to begin with is a little silly, but we are clearly not tying people to rowers and throwing barbells through the air. The real WODs will be posted tomorrow morning before the competition begins. Feel free to check back then, or better yet, please send any and all videos of you attempting these WODs below to

Event 1
Max height and distance for a Thruster Toss (RX = 96/65)(Scaled = 65/45)

Women will go first, followed by the men. Each athlete will have exactly 2 minutes to establish a max height and distance Thruster Toss. The barbell will be loaded to 95/65 for the RX division and 65/45 for the scaled division. Competition plates will be used to minimize bounce of the bar. The athlete will begin on the starting line and will perform a full front squat, reaching a squat depth below parallel. The athlete will then explode up and release the bar at the top of the thruster with the goal being to attain the maximum height and maximum distance traveled by the barbell while in the air. There will be a ladder judge to measure the maximum height of the bar and a distance judge to mark the exact spot where the barbell lands after the toss. Both height and distance will be scored separately, meaning athletes will earn two scores for this event.

Event 2
6 minutes to establish 1RM barbell biceps curl

Athletes will be given a barbell and a set of plates and collars. They will have 6 minutes to bring the barbell from the waist to shoulder-level using only the arms to move the weight. Athletes will begin the lift with their backs against the wall to prevent the use of any legs, hips, or backs in the assistance of the lift. Once the barbell has been brought to shoulder-level and the judge has called a successful lift, athletes may drop the bars. Scores will be based on highest weight successfully lifted with this movement.

Event 3
AMRAP 10 minutes of:
1,000m Legless row
In remaining time, AMRAP of 10 sumo Dead-lift high-pulls (RX = 135/95) (Scaled = 95/65), 10 triple-unders

Athletes will begin this 10-minute event by performing a 1,000m row without the use of their legs. Athletes can hinge forward at the waist and open up at the waist, but the knees must remain locked out the entire time. To ensure this, athletes legs will be tied down to the rower by their judge, and will only be released after all 1,000m are completed. After the row is complete, athletes will move onto their barbells and, in the remaining time, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of 10 Sumo Dead-lift high-pulls and 10 triple-unders. The SDHP must start on the ground every rep and must reach collarbone level with elbows clearly above the bar. For the triple-unders, the rope must pass under the feet THREE times for every jump.

Floater WOD
For time:
1,000 Abmat sit-ups

Athletes will report to the St. James location at any point they wish from 10:30am-1:30pm. There will be a series of abmats set up, and they must confirm with the judge/assistants that they are beginning this event. They will have as long as needed to complete the event, as long as they finish during that 3-hour window. A successful rep must see the shoulders pass through 90 degrees with the athlete touching the ground in front of their feet, and they must return their shoulder blades to the ground reaching up behind their head at the bottom of each rep.

Final WOD — Top 6 athletes in each division ONLY
17 minute CAP
For time:
5 one-legged box jumps, right leg (30″/24″)
5 one-legged box jumps, left leg
1 legless rope climb
5 one-handed push-ups, right arm
5 one-handed push-ups, left arm
1 legless rope climb
5 one-arm dead-lifts, right arm (225#/155#)
5 one-arm dead-lifts, left arm (225#/155#)
1 legless rope climb
5 one-arm hang power cleans, right arm (95#/65# — barbell)
5 one-arm hang power cleans, left arm (95#/65# — barbell)
1 legless rope climb
5 one-arm wall balls, right arm (20#/14#)
5 one-arm wall balls, left arm (20#/14#)
1 legless rope climb
10 one-arm burpees, alternating arms
1 legless rope climb

Only the top 6 Male RX athletes and top 6 Female RX athletes will qualify for this final event. Standards for each movement will be explained on competition day. We are announcing the WOD before-hand because there are a lot of new and awkward movements that we want to give you all the opportunity to practice. Good luck to all competitors!


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