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24 Oct



Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

I had the pleasure of watching Game 1 of the World Series (We are three games away!) and I came away thinking beyond the coach-athlete relationship I like a lot of you as people.  This isn’t going to be a mushy blog post where I wax poetically about how I love everyone but truth be told I think alot of you are good solid people whether you’re like John Brown and been with us since day 1 or like Ashley Abbott and even tho she has been with us for 3 weeks and already has made a positive impact on the gym.

Speaking of members we have a Friday Social tomorrow October 25th at 209 Columbus Ave for two of our members.

David Finn is having people from his charity, Operationsmile.org ( Its a charity that raises fund for families of children with cleft lips who cant afford the surgeries ) come watch our comp class and hang out with us after at the Brahmin.

Wilson Velasco, a long time member is leaving for San Fransico.  His energy and dance moves are infectious and he has been a big part to everything we have done in building a great gym and great community.    For those who don’t know how the social works email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com

– bern K. Prince

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