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19 Sep



Hey Athletes and Visionaries,

I wanted to share this with you….

15 Things Inspiring Leaders Do Differently


Inspiring leaders…

  1. Install a rigorous selection process to ensure they hire only the best and brightest.
  2. Set a clear and compelling vision.
  3. Collaborate with their team to define a plan for realizing that vision.
  4. Keep the plan visible.
  5. Keep score along the way to keep the team energized and accountable.
  6. Look for people doing something right and recognize it.
  7. Eliminate barriers to getting work done.
  8. Address even minor performance issues with proactive coaching.
  9. Listen more than they talk.
  10. Uncompromisingly uphold the team’s values by using them to make big and little decisions.
  11. Give credit for and reward successes.
  12. Get to know the person behind the employee.
  13. Care about their people as much as their people’s performance.
  14. Focus on the organization’s purpose as much as (if not more) than profits.
  15. Consistently and frequently communicate even when they is apparently no news.


Speaking of visions, Crossfit Red Planet is opening in 10 years.   I’ve got even more Martian words down… *&ghdjdkkdkjdk$%*&(& hyiduduhuhuudhuhshssgtsfsfdf  *&$##@***uuuuuoujjjjjiipoqpooo2itwyttrfrtdddcdd…Translated means “HiT The Hip!”


One of the Wods Friday will be

Tuscan Leather

10 Rounds

3 Snatches (135/95)

15 Wall Balls


-bern K. Prince

CEO of Crossfit Red Planet



This video is strictly for humor and not to be taken seriously.  It’s all about Spirit Animals






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