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WOD: 9-14-13

by: Gino Escalante in: WODs
13 Sep



Team WOD 1: For the least number of sets possible:

125 Thrusters (95/65)
200 Kick Outs
125 Back Squats (95/65)

Team WOD 2: For the least number of sets possible:

125 Clusters (95/65) (cannot rest on floor)
100 Toes to Bar
150 Back Squats (95/65)



I was very nervous for yesterday’s programming.  Outside of being time consuming, it was also pretty aggressive.  You guys handled it like champs and we got a lot of good positive feedback.  Programming is pretty much set all the way through until the end of October and we have some really good stuff coming your way.  I know I keep saying that, but now that you guys have an idea of what is going on, you can get an idea of the bigger picture.

Enjoy today,



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