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by: Bern K. Prince in: Apres Crossfit
26 Jul



Hey Athletes,

I have received some amazing emails about the summer and wanted to share some of them with you.  Lori Carpenter sent me an email that is hysterical about fashion and crossfit so here is the link.  Seems like Spirit Animal Fridays have taken off and Nate Gagnon has found a site to get some amazing Spirit Animal Shirts.  Here is the link to get yourself any Spirit Animal tee so you can WOD in style on Fridays.

Music is a huge part of Crossfit and this summer has some songs you have listen to if you are doing a WOD, going for a run, or hanging out in the strength room with Justin, Jeremy, and Froyman tossing around heavy weight.   Here’s a list of songs to download…  J. Cole- Crooked Smile

Kanye West- Blood On the Leaves and Bound 2

Drake – The Motion and 5am in Toronto

Darius Rucker- Wagon Wheel (Hey Kathryn it’s Country!  You didn’t know your boy had it in him)

Awolnation-Sail (Classic)




Speaking of the Summer I ask everyone to try something new before the summer is over.  Go skydiving, sign up for a road race, take a cooking class, and do something different.  Crossfit is about challenging yourself physically and mentally in the gym do the same outside.  You don’t half to put yourself in harms way (If Skydiving is a little extreme I hear ya) but try something that is a little outside your comfort zone, for some of you maybe taking a yoga class is outside your comfort zone.  There is exactly 7 weeks left in the summer, read a book, grow a beard, take Justin’s strength class, ask your coach to help you with handstands, do something, one thing that pushes your mental limits inside and outside of the gym.

-Bern K. Prince

“What will you do when they decide to stand upright. ” Bray Wyatt







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