Après-Crossfit-This Is Not A Crossfit Gym

by: Bern K. Prince in: Apres Crossfit
28 Jun



après (aprā′; Fr ȧ pre)

after: often used in hyphenated compounds: an après-ski party


Hey Athletes,

We have weekly meeting as a staff on how to make our gym not just a better crossfit gym but a better gym.  We are approaching our 18th month as a gym and I came to a realization that this was way more than a gym.  Now this is a place where alot of people come in for the WOD, log there score into WODIFY and leave and thats more than fine.  As a coach, I respect it.  Some of you, this is where you have met and hang out with some of your best friends (Holla at your boy 630am crew).  This is the place where you compete in the WOD, joke around with classmates, and change your WODIFY pics to different images of Nicholas Cage to freak Erin Boyer out (I love the Nick Cage pics but nothing beats the Jared Leto pics).  I’ve seen people cry and laugh, we’ve had two people give birth, some of you have found love, there’s been marriage proposals, 3 weddings coming up this summer, and some of you have had your hearts torn apart.

I walked out last Saturday, not knowing what to expect.  I heard screams,and I got overwhelmed with emotion.  The walk to the ring felt like it took an hour. People that just joined the gym like Cecyl and Allison at the event.  I remembered what Michael Gilbert told me about enjoying the entrance and then I saw the cage.  There’s a man who checks everything on your body before you enter the ring.  I got into the ring and I looked out at everyone there and said to myself, “There’s a giant picture of my face in the crowd.”  I wanted to acknowledge the support so I raised a hand in the air.  Ref asked if Mooch (the kid I fought) was ready then asked me and it was time to go.  We didn’t waste anytime.  We traded punches for what felt like 5 minutes and my coach told me if I hurt him go in for the finish.  I hit him as hard as I could with my right hand, staggering him back, and I went for it…Completely missed and he took me down, punching and choking me until it was over.  I felt fine but I knew he busted up my eye but I felt physically fine.

Mentally I felt like I like I had not accomplished my goal.  I wanted to prove that you could do anything you put your mind to and succeed.  I wanted to prove we weren’t just a random group of people who worked out but we were about so much more.  As I walked back I saw people like Jason Casey, Dan Martin, Lauren Scheinfieldt (to her credit hates the idea of MMA but came just to support) and so many people it would take 3 paragraphs to name all of you and I felt like I let them down but they were just as loud and rowdy in defeat as they would have been in a victory.  To everyone that came by, sent an email, donated, texted, or just wished me luck, you proved more to me than ever this is not a crossfit gym.  This is so much more.

-Bern K. Prince

“I try not to go into any endeavor having concerns, having worries, and having doubts about myself.” Kelly Olynk




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