by: Bern K. Prince in: Apres Crossfit
19 Jun



après (aprā′; Fr ȧ pre)

after: often used in hyphenated compounds: an après-ski party


Hey Athletes,

This Friday at 209 Columbus Ave at 7pm we will have our usual competition class.  The WODs have been exciting and last week, with the three WODs  and all the energy its been off the chain.  This Friday there will be Barbell movements and Handstand Pushups so please be ready.  There will be no Social at all because Saturday June 22nd will literally be “Back Bay All Day.”  There will be several members including Angelo, Brendan, Taylor, Gino, Goose, Dawn, MyKim, and Big Dan competing at Crossfit Lando ‘s Summer Throwdown in Woburn, MA.  It starts at 9am and I know Reebok Crossfit Back Bay will be there to kick butt and chew bubble gum and we are running out of bubble gum.  Later on that night with all the love and support you guys have given me I will step into the cage at The Revere Hotel on 200 Stuart St.  Anyone that wants details on tickets or after party email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com


-Bern K. Prince

“Never Give Up The Fight.”




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