Après-Crossfit-Thursday Social

by: Bern K. Prince in: Apres Crossfit
14 May



après (aprā′; Fr ȧ pre)

after: often used in hyphenated compounds: an après-ski party

  Hey Athletes,

This week there will be no Friday Social because everyone should be at regionals.   There will be instead this Thursday at 209 Columbus Ave from 7pm to 9pm an impromptu social where members from both teams will be at the gym.  There will be regional shirts available for sale and as usually the case bring what and whoever you want.   If enough people show up there might even be a surprise WOD at the end of the night.  The car pool emails have been awesome and it looks like we have roughly 10 cars throughout the weekend that I know of.  Email me at bern@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com for details about the car ride and Thursday night Social.


-Bern K. Prince



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