Internal Throwdown: Final Results

by: Justin Wright in: News and Updates, Upcoming Events
13 Apr



Final Results

Fantastic work by everyone today at the Internal Throwdown. Teammates really dug deep and pushed each other — we saw a lot of new PR’s when it was all said and done. I am especially impressed by the 3RM Clean numbers from everyone in WOD 1.


  1. Jason Casey/Alexa Walls
  2. Austin Reed/Bobby Rowley
  3. Chip Russel/Jon Brown


  1. Justin Maccaro/Holly Rinaldi
  2. Jason Majane/Mike Sabbota
  3. Chad Verry/Jade Best

Overall it was a great day and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Between competitors and spectators we had a TON of people in the gym today and I appreciate all of the support for your fellow members.

Until the next one,

Coach Justin

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