Internal Throwdown – Round 2

by: Justin Wright in: Upcoming Events
20 Mar



Hey everyone,

So with the Open upon us and everyone’s competitive natures out in full force, I think it is fitting to announce the date for our next in-house competition: The Internal Throwdown Round 2. Many of you have fond memories of the last competition we did near the end of the summer, while many of you completely lack memories of the after party that night which also happened to be Big Dan’s 30th birthday celebration. Unlike last time, this competition will be a partner competition in which teams will consist of one man and one woman. In order to prevent super-teams who will excel at certain events, we will be pairing you all up ourselves so that the playing field is as level as possible. That being said there will, as last time, be a Scaled and RX division for those of you who are at different skill levels. The relevant details of the competition are below:

  • Date: Saturday, April 13 (after the Open ends)
  • Time: Plan on being here all day
  • Location: Box 2, 209 Columbus Ave
  • Divisions: RX and Scaled
  • Teams: Teams of 2, one man and one woman
  • RX requirements: If you can perform all Level 1 WODs RX and you look at a good portion of Level 2 WODs knowing you can attempt or do them, sign up for RX
  • Scaled requirements: For those of you who may be newer or cannot necessarily perform all Level 1 WODs as prescribed

If you are interested, please send me an email at and let me know which division you want to sign up for. If you are wondering whether to go for RX or Scaled, please email with your questions or concerns. Best of luck with the rest of the Open and get prepared to finish this competition season in style against your fellow Back Bay members!


Coach Justin

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