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Reebok CrossFit Back Bay
17 Sep
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Pre WOD:

Side Plank
Medball Half Moons
V Ups
Pull Ups (work negatives or strict with bands if you don’t have them)

WOD 1:  Gymnastics Baseline 1:  12 min AMRAP of:

12 Burpees
12 Pull Ups
12 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

WOD 2:  Gymnastics Baseline 2:  12 min AMRAP of:

2 Muscle Ups
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Kettlebell Swings (32/24)


The advantages and disadvantages…

The disadvantages of the GRID are plentiful.  It is unknown and small in size.  The GRID is currently financially unstable.  There may not be a team near you.  The international participation is fractionally small.  And the very big and obvious one; the GRID has to deal with being a subpar entity to the juggernaut that is CrossFit.

The advantages of the GRID are just about everything else.  Did you enjoy watching your friends compete at Regionals?  How about having to go three different days for the full experience?  How about waiting several hours between events?  How about having to watch the same 25 minute workout again and again?  How about having plans that weekend and missing out entirely?  How about being there for only one person and not caring about any other part?  How about trying to keep track of the competition with 8 individual athletes on the floor during the individual events?  How about trying to keep track of the competition with 48 team athletes out on the floor at the same time?

The GRID is small in size and hopefully this will only be temporary (just like it was for CrossFit).  Fortunately, what the GRID lacks in size, it makes up exponentially in experience.

Ideally, it’s only a matter of time,



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17 Sep

Hey Athletes,

The WODs This Friday September 19th at 209 Columbus Ave will be all of the WODs from the Beantown Throwdown this weekend.  Get a team of 3 or I will assign them on Friday, come down and WOD.  One of the WODs will be…..


3 Rounds:
10 Overhead/Front Squats, 115#
15 Chest-to-Bar/Pull-ups
50 Double-unders
*12 minute cap

Each athlete begins at a different station, and cannot move onto the next until all members of the team have completed their task. The flow of the workout is from squats, to pull-ups, to double-unders, and may not be altered. Each member of the team will perform each task 3 times.  The score is total time for all 3 athletes to complete 3 full rotations.

  After words there will be a social at 209 Columbus from 8 to 856pm (I have to be precise on time Cam)   At 8 56pm we will be heading over to RattleSnake at 384 Boylston St (Big Donn!  Holla at Alan for me).

  On Sunday, September 21st, starting at 9am we will have 3 teams competing in the  Beantown Throwdown   at Crossfit Fenway.  It’s a special competition for us because its the 1st competition we did as a gym.  It’s special because it’s Lauren’s 1st comp since the birth of her child, it’s the 1st comp since the regionals that Taylor, Justin, and Angelo will be in together.  It’s special because we want and asking for all of you to show up, be rowdy, be loud, in the famous words of Tom Brady “get lubed up”  and represent the gym.  If you are new to the gym come take part in the weekend and if you’ve been a member for awhile come by all weekend and hang out.

- Bern K. Prince

“Don’t care whose at the top of the stairs I’m stepping up.” Lil Wayne

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16 Sep
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What:  Spartan Race 
When: November 15
Where: Fenway Park!!

Cost = $90 per athlete ($50 savings)…first come first serve
Collection starting September 16 at the 6:30 Pm endurance class. If class is full, come anyways to drop off check.
Payment will only be accepted by Angelo DIRECTLY.
Please make checks out to Angelo Gala
If you miss the tuesday class, but would still like to hand him a check, you can find Angelo
Wednesday 6-8am St James
Thursday 6:30-8:30 St James
Friday 5:30-9:30 Columbus
Saturday 9/20 St James 8:30-12
First come First Serve!!!

Pre WOD:  20 mins to find:

3RM Hang Power Clean


3RM Hang Power Snatch

WOD 1:  Complicated girls 1:  10 rounds for time of:

3 Power Clean and Jerk (135/95)
8 Push Ups

12 min cap

Last done 08/19/2013

WOD 2:  Complicated Girls 2:  10 rounds for time of:

3 Power Snatch (135/95)
2 Handstand Push Ups

12 min cap

Last done 08/19/2013


The home-team atmosphere…

The big CrossFit events are fun.  Tons of people go, you get to see your friends compete and also some total studs throw down.  Once it is all over, everyone kinda moves on with their lives and the extravaganza is over as is the season for everyone save a small group of people.  After the Boston Iron match, I couldn’t wait to watch it again and share with everyone there the same camaraderie we had in favor of the Boston Iron.  I am not saying we all hated the Miami Surge (not saying we didn’t) , but it was impressive just how quickly we all got behind our home team.  It was spectacular to watch the crowd groan in a loss, but celebrate in a victory.  This part, this direct link with the competition and the competitors, is missing in the CrossFit competitions, and it is definitely a key component in what makes the GRID outstanding

More tomorrow,



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