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01 Oct
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Pre WOD:

Single Leg KB Deadlift
Single Arm Plank Hold
Single Arm KB Press
Pull Ups (work negative if you dont have them)

WOD 1: 5 rounds for time of:

30 Double Unders
20 Wall Runs (facing wall)
10 Hanging Knee Raise

WOD 2: 5 rounds for time of:

30 Double Unders
20 Wall Runs (facing away from wall)
10 Toes to Bar


This blog is now officially the Paleo Challenge Headquarters….

All singles are now couples and at last all teams have been made.  If you have not yet put your hat in the ring, there is only room for 8 more teams.  Once the 50 fills up, we are full.  With that said, there are a few other important things:

  • If you know your partner, exchange information with him/her so you can keep up with one another
  • If you do not know your partner, I will share your email address with one another UNLESS you explicitly ask me not to…in which case you can trade information some other way (up to you)
  • Fill out your numbers for the first day!  Do so in the official score sheet!

You can fill out your scores as such:

First Last / First Last Daily Score for
Joh 10/1/2014
Gino Leite / Lori Carpenter 1+1=2


First Last / First Last Daily Score for
Joh 10/1/2014
Gino Leite / Lori Carpenter 2

It’s up to you if you would like to denote which person in the team got which score.

A lot more information to follow so follow along,



01 Oct
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Hey Athletes, Bloggers, and Paleo Challenge Participants,


My Coworker and Friend has started her very own Blog called Somefashionsomefitness.  Its a collection of all things Sweaty & Stylish.  Page will also be leading the Happy Hour This Thursday October 2nd from 6pm to 8pm at The Lincoln in South Boston.   You can swing by and chat with her about her blog, about fashion, and about how to still have a good time while eating Paleo because just like most of you she is doing the Paleo Challenge as well.


Friday October 17th will be the First ever Reebok Crossfit BackBay KettleBall.  The Ball will take place at 209 Columbus Ave from 730 to 930pm.  At 930pm on the nose we will move to a bar (details are still being worked out on which place) and have the rest of the night to mingle.  The rules of The KettleBall are simple.  It’s a Black Tie preferred affair , so Tuxedos, 3piece Suits, and Sports Coats for Men, and Ladies, formal dresses, heels, fur shawls, and gaudy jewelry.   We have already confirmed Tito’s Vodka as a sponsor (So there will be adult beverages) and we are looking for more sponsors, preferably of food and beverage.   We are looking to make this as organized as possible so there will be RSVP lists and we are asking everyone to show up on time (Barrows, I know you like to make an entrance haha).

-Bern K. Prince

I would like to introduce you to the Dark Knight’s greatest nemesis….. Bane Cat!!!!!!!!







30 Sep
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Pre WOD:  20 mins to find:

ME 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean


ME 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch

WOD 1: 2 rounds for time of:

20 Burpees
20/15 Cal Row
20 Hang Power Clean (95/65)

WOD 2: 2 rounds for time of:

14 Over the Rower Burpees
20/16 Cal Row
15 Hang Power Clean (135/95)


Paleo Challenge starts today!…

As far as the rest of the rules, let’s just squash the topics list-style:

  1. You actually don’t have to drink milk and/or bottles of wine
  2. You are officially out of excuses when it comes to staying paleo at work events / sport events / meeting events / church events / football sunday events / event events
  3. Eat all of the potatoes, rice, and vodka you want as long as you stop eating crap

That last point is the most important.  All I want is for you to make better decisions.  If you simply cannot live without a glass of wine at night, I’ll budge…go for it.  But as you are sitting back and enjoying a glass of Arbor Mist (which is not paleo), I want you to be proud of the fact that you improved your health and fitness through your diet.




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