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Reebok CrossFit Back Bay
27 Jul
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Skill: 3 rounds of:

Good Morning
Overhead Squat
Straight Leg Raise

Encouragement: For maximum reps in three minutes:

Cal Row and/or Burpees

Rest 1 minute

WOD 1: If you scored between 1 – 50 reps:

4 rounds for time of:

10 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Pull Ups
200M Run

WOD 2: If you scored between 51 – 64 reps:

4 rounds for time of:

10 Power Clean (95/65)
10 Ring Rows
200M Row

WOD 3: If you scored between 65+:

4 rounds for time of:

10 Ground to Overhead (95/65)
200M Run


PRs for Pat…

One of the outstanding members of the CrossFit community, Pat Padgett, was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer. He has already undergone three procedures in the past several weeks and had another major, 10-hour procedure last week. Surgery went well, but he faces a long, tough road to recovery, and needs all of the support that he can get.  We are trying to raise as much money as possible so that Pat does not have to worry about living or medical expenses during his recovery. More importantly, we are trying to raise his spirits and show him just how much the CrossFit community supports him.

We will be holding a fundraiser workout on Saturday August 2nd at the end of the normal schedule classes.  Click here for his website and more details.  

Let’s knock this out of the park,




26 Jul
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Team WOD 1: End of the world (team style)

120 Weighted Buddy Sit Ups (30/20)

12 Overhead Lunges (85/55) every thirty reps

100 Overhead Lunges (85/55)

10 Weighted Sit Ups (30/20) every time you both drop the bar once

Team WOD 2: End of the world (team style)

90 Toes to Bar

12 Overhead Lunges every time you both come off the bar

100 Overhead Lunges

12 Toes to Bar every time you both drop the bar once


Remember when the world was going to end?…

Anyone remember that “2012″ movie?  This workout and the movie have a lot in common except for one thing:  They were both pretty terrible.  When going through it, you will wonder when it’ll all be over.  You wonder why any of you committed to doing such a thing.  The only redeeming quality of the workout is that fitness will happen, which is way better than doing a workout and trying to watch the movie at the same time.

Something goes here,


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25 Jul
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WOD: Partner Baseline 1: For time:

1000M Row
50 Thrusters (95/65)
800M Row
40 Power Clean (95/65)
600M Row
30 Burpees
400M Row
20 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
200M Row
10 Ring Dips

Partners can only work at the same time

Last done on Feb. 22, 2014


I hope you remember who your partner was and that you get the opportunity to redo the workout with them because if you don’t and you have already done this workout with someone else then you will not be able to properly assess if your fitness has improved relative to this workout since a new variable has been presented…

Does that make sense?

Long intro today,



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