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27 Jan
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Coach Justin’s Pre WOD:  5 sets of:

8 (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squats
5 Medball Jumps for max height

WOD 1: EMOTM for 12 mins:

5 Push Ups
5 Ring Dips
1 Reverse Wall Climb

WOD 2: EMOTM for 12 minutes:

5 Push Ups
5 Ring Dips
5 Handstand Push Ups

Coach Justin’s Post WOD:  3 sets of:

30 seconds of:

Front Rack Lunge Hold (each leg) (45/35)
Bent Over Row Hold

30 seconds Rest between each set


Drop-in tales (part B)…

After explaining the workout and figuring all of the things that needed figuring, it was time to start the workout.  Everyone was in place and ready to go except for her.  I suppose that can be excused since she doesn’t know where stuff is.  Everyone had a certain plan of execution and was following the guidelines (rep scheme and range of motion) of the workout except for her.  I suppose that can also be excused because things are done differently in different gyms.  Everyone is moving to the best of their capacity and applying the feedback being given to them except for her.  I suppose that too can be excused because she must’ve had a very pressing appointment immediately following the end of class.  Everyone finished and put their stuff away after the WOD…except for her.  I suppose that can be excused because of that same imaginary appointment I spoke about the sentence prior.

All in all, the drop-in experience needs to be a mutual one where the coach and the athlete both get something from one another.  This visit shouldn’t be one where you don’t acknowledge the norms and practices of the gym.

Things like this will make you look cotton-headed-ninny-muggins



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27 Jan
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Hey Athletes, Juno, DreamChasers, and SnowBoarders….         

“Hey Bernsie!  My name is Charlie and I have 13 year old boy.  He’s a great kid and he is into sports so I think it’s time to talk to him about the birds and the bees.  I know I was confused about things in my day.  How do I approach this?” Signed Concerned Parent.

Charlie you seem nice so I will tell it to you straight…Your soon has a laptop and an iPhone at 13.  Not only does he know about the Birds and the Bees and he knows about sex.  If you have a yearning for the days of old go watch reruns of Fred Savage in The Wonder Years.   Todays teen knows so it’s your job to help navigate their thought process.  He still has questions but he knows what it is.  Good Luck Charlie.

Hey Bernsie!  My name is Stella and I a well educated, successful woman living in the Back Bay.  I’ve been dating a lot recently and seem to only be attracted to bad boys that treat me badly and are no good to me.  Why is that and how do I stop this trend? ” Signed Stella

When I struggle for answers I turn to Rap music.  Drake said it best, “Know Your Worth!”   You have to have a value system   Know what your worth and who you should be with.  Stop dating boys and hang out with men.  You attract what you put out.  Don’t get me wrong Stella,  some gives do the same thing.  Those shows on Bravo like Real Basketball Wives….yeah those girls married all those guys because they are beautiful on the inside.  Highly successful in the Back Bay?!  Het Bobby Rowley can you Shovel your way out of the North End?

“Hey Bernsie!  It’s Dolly Parton and I love Crossfit.  I’ve got a mini problem… all the guys at my gym stare when I do double unders.  What do I do?” signed Country Star Dolly Parton Chris Daly! Monica!  This column has crossed over into Country.

Hey Dolly, honestly some guys never grew out of being a teen so just ignore those folks. keep doing what you do and work on fitness.  I will say if things get out of control I will use a country music song…”You’ve got to know when to hold em.”

Hey Bernsie!  I have a crush on a classmate from the gym.  We take class at the same time and I am thinking more and more that I am going to ask her out.  What do I?” Signed John Doe from the gym.

Ohhhh Boy the Crossfit Crush.  Here s the deal Friend Ship is the Best Ship ( Hi Jam).  Become friends first and see what happens from there.  If that nice guy, sappy, sentimental stuff doesn’t work act like a boss and take her  expensive dinner at Abe & Louie s.

Hey Bernsie!  It’s Clueless SWF and I met a new guy recently.  He is good to me, financially stable, but there is one problem…I’m unsure of how old he is?  He told me was a little north of 50 but I think he’s a little older.  Do I bother to ask?” signed your favorite Clueless SWF. A little north of 50?!

His favorite show is Matlock , when you go out for coffee he orders prune juice, all his khakis have pleats including the khakis shorts, and that habit he has really might be for Cataracts.  truth is he might be embarrassed about the age difference but if he cares about you that’s all you need.  Enjoy each date for what it is and you guys will get a discount for Movies and Denny’s.  Live It Up

Hey Bernsie!  Is anyone looking to publish your column?” Signed loyal reader.

Honestly I’ve been trying to get published in so if anyone in publishing knows Bill Simmons let me know.  I ll write for anyone right now, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed (10 Crossfitters Who Don’t Eat Paleo), High Times (Hey Angelo you left your magazine in the locker room), Improper Bostonian.   I also need help with another project.  I am looking to make a short film about ReebokCrossfitBackbay   Its a small project so if you have any interested email me at   -Bern K. Prince



26 Jan
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In the mean time:  At home monster WOD:  For time:

25-20-15-10-5-25 reps of:

Push Ups
Air Squats


This historic storm…

Which has not happened yet, has made us close the gym for all of Tuesday and for the morning sessions on Wednesday.  Please stay in touch with the blog or our facebook page in case of any updates.  In the mean time, do try this monster workout!

It’s not easy, but it’ll keep you warm,



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